How to Use Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox One Overwatch?

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How to Use Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox One Overwatch

The Xbox One gaming system has been designed to be played with a well-crafted controller. Some gamers, however, still believed some games can be played better with a keyboard and a mouse. 

A keyboard and mouse offer greater control and precision in real-game strategy and first-person shooter games. These devices are considered as a legitimate Xbox One controller, but not for all games. 

Some games support a keyboard and mouse but most games on the Xbox One do not. Some games ban gamers who use a keyboard and mouse when on multiplayer mode. “Overwatch” (a multiplayer first-person team game) is one of these games. 

The Xbox One is compatible with both wired and wireless USB devices. You can start using your USB keyboard and mouse (Xbox One will automatically recognize these devices) once you have completed some simple configuration set-ups. 

How to Connect Keyboard and Mouse to Xbox One Overwatch?

You can use a keyboard and mouse with your Xbox One in some games that officially support these devices. There are only a few games that support a keyboard and mouse when Xbox One introduced this feature in 2018. 

By using an adapter, you can make your console support a keyboard and mouse in any game, including the “Overwatch.”. These adapters can transition your keyboard and mouse to work as if inputs were coming from the console’s controller. You can also use these adapters to plug in your fighting sticks and racing wheels. 

Different adapter brands may vary in their configuration set-ups but more or less, this is how it goes. 

  1. ON your PC, go to the website of the brand of your adapter. It is however, recommended that you use the mobile app of the adapter (if available) to connect the adapter over Bluetooth so you can keep it connected to the Xbox One. 
  2. Download the Firmware tool. 
  3. Download the Manager apps for Windows of the adapter. 
  4. Open the Firmware tool. 
  5. Insert the adapter into the USB port of your PC. 
  6. Select Update Firmware. 
  7. Connect the adapter dongle to the USB port on your Xbox One. 
  8. Connect the adapter hub to the adapter dongle. 
  9. Connect your keyboard and mouse to the adapter hub. 
  10. Connect the controller of your Xbox One using a micro-USB cable. 

Typically, once the adapter is successfully connected the pilot light will flash. Depending on the brand of your adapter, you will need to load a profile. To download a profile, press the button on the adapter and connect over Bluetooth. You will need to download a profile for each game on your Xbox One. This will ensure the best gaming experience. 

How to Connect Keyboard and Mouse to Xbox One (without adapter)?

Microsoft has been working hard to make the Xbox One not just a gaming console but also a multimedia machine that integrate gaming vide streaming, web browsing, and more. To do so, the Xbox needs to be able to support traditional input methods such as a keyboard and mouse. 

Here is how to configure a keyboard and mouse with your Xbox One. 

  1. Open your Xbox One console.
  2. Using your controller, navigate to Home. 
  3. Go to the Microsoft Store or open your Xbox One Guide. 
  4. Go to the Search Box.
  5. Using the onscreen keyboard, type in “Insider.”
  6. Select the “Xbox Insider Hub.” Install and Launch.
  7. ON the left side of the screen, select Insider Content. 
  8. Navigate to Xbox One Update Preview and click Install.
  9. If it says “Pending” for a long time, open your Xbox Guide. Go to Settings and select Turn Off and Restart. 
  10. Repeat Steps 2 – 9. 
  11. Click on Manage.
  12. Choose the game you want to plugin
  13. Turn off your Xbox One controller.
  14. Plugin a USB Hub to your Xbox console. 
  15. Bring out your keyboard and mouse and plugin to the USB Hub. 
  16. You should be good to go. 

Using a keyboard and mouse with your Xbox console may sound weird to some, but is a lot easier to navigate through your console.

Final Thoughts

Using a keyboard and mouse with the Xbox One Overwatch is laden with controversies. Some gamers even call it cheating. Even the developers of the “Overwatch” object to using a keyboard and mouse on the Xbox One. 

There are also a lot of legitimate and good reasons for gamers to want to play Overwatch with their choice input method. 

Share with us your thoughts on this issue. Would you prefer to use a control on the Xbox One Overwatch or would you prefer a keyboard and mouse? 

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