I am passionate about orphan care, partly because that's how God has reshaped my heart, and partly because I'm married to an orphan.

My husband's story is dramatic (you can read part of it here on the Compassion blog), but it is not unique. Knowing that has changed me.

One of the ways Corey redeems his past is by serving on the board of the Christian Alliance for Orphans. He also speaks at their Orphan Summit each year. (Here's a link to this year's Summit, May 2-3 in Nashville.)

Many of my orphan posts detail what I learn at Summit. Others are personal reflections on what it's like to watch an orphan grow into the daddy he never had. (In a word: Miraculous.)

Click here to read my posts from Orphan Summit and/or my husband.


  1. random small world! one of my friends from the US pinned your pumpkin pie recipe. i clicked on it, read the recipe and saw the "orphans" graphic. read this post, and hey- i must have heard your husband speak at the summit last year. my hubs and i are missionaries with back2back ministries (member of the CMA), we serve children's homes in mazatlan, mexico. nice to meet ya. :) we're going to the summit in chicago in may!