I spent most of my growing up years in Minnesota, the result being that by the time I was in college, I couldn’t wait to leave. I was over winter, over coats, over the mundanity of the Midwest. I wanted perpetual sunshine, glamour, excitement. So Corey and I moved to San Diego. And I fell in love with California, with the salt-scented air, with the unique personalities of each beach community, with the warmth and easy-going attitude of its transplanted people.

But slowly, imperceptibly, I started to miss home. I couldn’t fathom that my kids would never know the magic of a snow day, the glory of a fall tree lit from within, the exhilaration of that first warm spring day, heady with the scent of green. I missed the rhythm of seasons, I missed the abundant parks and lakes and Up North and the amazing libraries and solid schools.

So when Natalie was one, and we had the chance to move from Southern California back to Minnesota, we jumped. It hasn’t always been easy, and for sure, part of my heart will always reside on the beach in San Diego. But the Twin Cities are home, and I’m happy to be here and to share the quirks and joys of it.

(And I will discuss regional and cultural distinctions with you until I’m blue in the face. I love this crazy, beautiful world we live in, and I’m endlessly fascinated at how different we all are.)

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