I don't like the term mommy blogger, because I can't help but hear a note of condescension in the label.

I primarily blog to process, to have a voice, to remember, to learn. I write about more than my kids. I'm not in this just to tell you funny stories about my offspring.

But I'm not above it either.

As a mom to four squarely in the middle of this child-rearing season, my family is my main course and then some. My days are spent playing Legos, breaking up fights, folding laundry and praying for endurance to make it to bedtime. I am a work in progress: I am experienced at babies and toddlers, but I know little about raising teens. Parenting is a marathon, so I'm always refocusing, trying to keep perspective. That Polly Pocket shoe will come out the other end, and not every day that begins ominously ends that way.

Naturally, I write about it.

But don't call me a mommy blogger. It makes my skin crawl.

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