Make Your Own Colored Sugar

One of my favorite tips for customizing birthday parties is to make my own colored sugar for decorating cakes or cupcakes.

Did you know you can do that? All you need is granulated sugar and food coloring. I use the classic McCormick tear-drop shaped vials, because they are easy to use and inexpensive, but you could get classier food coloring or even find dye-free coloring if your child is sensitive to dyes.

Just add a few drops of color to about 1/4 cup of sugar and stir. It's cheaper than buying store sugar and you can custom design the color to go with your decor. Not many stores sell teal sugar, you know?

It also helps if you're having a rainbow party. I didn't have to spend more than a few pennies to get cupcakes that looked like this.

I also make my own colored sugar for fall cookies; I make red, orange and yellow and we decorate leaf-shaped cut-outs.

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