Faith for the Future

“Is this another Jesus song?”

Teyla scowls at me from the back seat, obvious annoyance in her voice, her eyes one roll away from Big Trouble.

“I don’t like Jesus songs, Mommy!”

I’m exasperated. But not surprised.


My Facebook feed is peppered with children who presumably love Jesus songs, kids who soak up God like natural sponges.

“Three-year-old Jon asked to pray for me tonight at dinner! So cute!”

“Alyssa woke up early this morning to read her Bible. I’m so proud of that girl.”

“My six-year-old asked Jesus into her heart last night. And then led the cat in a salvation prayer this morning. LOL!”

That is not my story.

Read the rest over at A Deeper Family, where I'm honored to be guest blogging today. Sharing this feels very personal to me; my prayer is that it will encourage other parents who are in this same place.

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