A Dress for the Day Public Service Announcement

A friendly tip from me to you: When you are making homemade granola, and you see that the last quarter of the bottle of honey has crystallized, do not say to yourself, "Self, I bet a quick 30-second turn in the microwave will melt that into something useable."

Because a quick 30-second turn in the microwave will not only melt the honey, it will pressurize the bottle into something akin to a suitcase nuke loaded with lava-hot stickiness that will explode as soon as you open the microwave door.

You will then screech and cover your eyes and thank the dear Lord for the blink reflex. And you will end up covered with hundreds of microscopic drips of honey, which will sting like heck and mar your dress for the day outfit and turn your hair into a shellacked thing, capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds without movement.

You're welcome.


Today, I donned an outfit that is so simple, most people wouldn't glance twice if they passed me at Trader Joe's. But it's a step out of the box for me, and that's what this is all about, right?

I like bright colors, but I tend to gravitate toward solids. They enable me to dress quickly - just choose a color - and I can always add some pizazz with accessories.

Until recently, it never occurred to me to put two different-colored solids together. If I wore layers, one of them was always neutral.

And then I got dressed today.

Picture post-explosion. Excuse the hair and the semi-ironic expression. It was all I could muster.

Yes, that's right. I wore a fuchsia tank under my azure blue sweater and tied it all together with a happy scarf. (I realize the scarf is a tad heavy for spring, but our high today is in the upper 30s and we are still blanketed in snow, and I am done wearing my coat, because that's my rule in March - no more coats for me! - so I have to compromise somewhere.)

Je suis fou, non?

It sounds silly, but it honestly made me smile all day, because I know Megan and Abby would approve. And it reflects my inner longing to Bring Spring Now!

I'm going to mix colors until the daffodils bloom.

Which probably works with the theme, because I have a feeling I'll be attracting bees anyway.


  1. I love your semi-ironic expression! And your PSAs. And your outfit. And you.

  2. Oh my word! I hope you're OK.

    I love mixing brights and I like what you did here. Just too cute. And, honestly, didn't it just make you feel happy even with the chilly weather (which is just wrong)?

  3. You broke out the French! SO. SMART. And smartly dress!

  4. you don't look very sticky to me - just sweet :). love the colorblocking!

  5. Oh my word, Kelly. THE HONEY. I promise I'm laughing with you. Thank you for this PSA.

    Also, loving the color combination!

  6. VERY cute outfit :) And I think I remember my mom putting the honey bear in a bowl of hot water to re-liquify it. #toolittletoolate! And I must try this recipe!!

  7. Oh my! I can only imagine the hair. You're so lucky you didn't get burned (eyes!). The outfit is very cute. :)