Big Boy Bed

It happened so fast, I didn't have time to dread it.

After yet another night of Kieran thrashing between us, Corey announced one morning, "I think Kieran's ready for a big boy bed!"

And instantly, I knew he was right.

Kieran had been waking up at 3:00 AM for months, disoriented and calling for mama. I was too exhausted to deal with it at that hour, so I would scoop him out of his crib, carry him back to my bed and sleep restlessly the rest of the night as he cuddled and nuzzled and tossed and kicked his way to 6:30 AM.

It wasn't the best sleep, but it wasn't the worst either. This tired mama can sleep through just about anything, including a knee in the ribs and a finger in the ear.

But Corey, who sleeps in a hotel bed almost as often as his own, wasn't as amenable. So it was he who gently reminded me that all our kids did this between age 2 and 3, that the best solution was to get them into a twin bed so I could climb in with them when they need some midnight snuggles, and eventually, they would start sleeping through the night again without mama skin contact.

So, in a matter of days, we bought a bed frame, a mattress, a waterproof mattress cover (for lo, the potty training days are still ahead) and bedding that is so perfectly little boy, I almost clapped my hands in delight. (Pottery Barn Kids has my number. That's all I will say about that.)

And then Corey started to disassemble the crib, and my heart started to come apart too.

That crib, it was never really my style, being a hand-me-down and all. And it's a bear to move, seeing as the bolts have to be inserted one way and tightened another.

But it faithfully cradled each of my babies, and I've spent hours and hours of my life bent over its side rail, stroking little heads and whispering quiet lullabies. I've contorted my arm to fit in the side, when Kieran and Teyla just had to hold my hand while falling asleep. It's been a symbol in our home these last 10 years, of our stage of life and of our blessings.

And now it was being taken down for the last time.

But I didn't have much time for melancholy, because when Kieran first beheld his new bed, he almost exploded with joy.

"It's mah big boy bed! Mah big boy bed!" he shouted over and over as he bounced with utter delight. "And dis a crane! And a dumm truck! And a ex-cob-ator! I wuv mah big boy bed!"

Who can resist that?

Time is relentless. Part of my heart will always lie with the crib, now stacked patiently in the guest room, awaiting a new family.

But a bigger part of my heart is right here, with the big boy, in his big boy bed.

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  1. Oh, Kelly, I REMEMBER these days! Yesterday is only as far away as a thought :).

    I'm SO glad Kieran made it easy for you; that's one thing I've found--by the time Mama or Daddy figure out the next best thing for our babies, they've known it long before themselves. They just didn't use words to tell us.

    Thanks for encouraging me to link my post 'cause I wouldn't have thought it was one for consideration. But now that you've given me reason to think about it, I probably could have been linking something every week! My babies are my favorite muse!! :)

  2. I was happy to be able to pass on my crib to my sister. Now she gets to say the final farewell! ~K

  3. Oh, presh!! A dumm truck!!

    At our house, the crib began to fall apart slowly so that I became convinced that it was a death trap and furious that the $700 (Walker's grandma bought it) piece of junk didn't last 7 years. So I angrily kicked it to the curb. Literally.

    But I did sniffle when I gave away my high chair.

  4. I am so, so ready to move on to the next stage in my mothering--only this one last year until my youngest is in kindergarten and I am so darn happy about very soon no longer being a stay at home mom to preschoolers (it's been 13 years now since I've been at home). I know that I don't want any more babies, it would be unhealthy for me to have more babies, it would be a financial strain to have more babies. And yet, it's so hard to take that crib down for the last time, to give away the bouncy seat, to sell the exersaucer. I'm so happy my babies are growing up and are needing me in different, less labor-intensive ways, but the finality of giving up those trapings of babyhood still tugs at my heartstrings. *Sigh* btw, I'm n e v e r getting rid of the rocker-glider :)

  5. I totally understand! After baby #3, my hubby mentioned something about getting rid of the baby bed. I may or may not have threatened violence.... then baby #4 came along and now we're expecting baby #5. Funny thing is #3 and 4 rarely slept in the crib, but the thought of getting rid of it just tears me up...