Summer's Eve

Memorial Day isn't the official start to summer. I know this because every time I allude to summer lately, Connor reminds me that "it doesn't start until June 21, Mom."

But it feels like it's here, especially this year, since spring arrived early in Minnesota and summer followed her lead. The lilacs bloomed more than a week ago, and already, the ground is covered in purple flowers. The trees are deep green, the sky bright blue. The frogs sing good night like they know the melody by heart already.

I feel the tension of wanting to GO and DO and ENJOY this beloved season - but maybe after a nap in the sun. Summer is God's rest and His celebration. It is the sun beckoning you out of bed before 6:00 AM (For the love! That is so early for me, people) and a night that ends so gently, it forbids bed sleep until midnight lest you miss the magic.

It may not be summer on the calendar. And the big kids still have two weeks of school to go.

But what does a piece of paper know about living?


  1. Not much. Memorial Day IS the first weekend of summer, life wise. Might take the calendar a little while to catch up, but around here, we start early, so it lasts and lasts and lasts! :)

  2. It's so funny how we put these weird rules on our time...I was just feeling the other day like summer is almost over because I've been adding too many things to the calendar. Summer always made me feel like it wasn't fun unless it was spontaneous and the way I've booked myself up for the next several weeks doesn't really leave room for spontaneity. : ( What's that all about?!?!

  3. It might not be official, but Memorial Day is always my official start to summer and Labor Day the close. :-)