I had almost forgotten the blessing of not doing.

This afternoon, when Kieran went down for a late nap, I did not sit at my computer and work on one of my Orphan Summit posts. I did not edit pictures or check in with Facebook or bake banana bread or fold laundry or try to figure out why I cannot get the toilet in the bathroom to stop smelling like pee. (I clean it and clean it and clean it and it's driving me crazy!)

Instead, I grabbed my favorite outdoor blanket and headed for the backyard, where the sun and trees were making lacy patterns on the turf. I laid down and inhaled the bright green smell of freshly mowed grass and I listened to the birds sing and I faintly heard a plane trace a line in the bright blue sky. I felt my pulse slow and I felt an ant zig zag it's way across my foot. (At least, I hope it was an ant. That's my preferred version.) And without even recognizing it, I fell asleep, thanking God for the sacrament of Sabbath.

Maybe this summer, as the days stretch long and the breeze becomes a friend, I will make a point to be not do for a time every day.

Because when I do, my soul returns and my heart is made whole and I remember.


  1. Yes this!

    And yes, I cannot get the pee smell out of our toilets either.


  2. Wish I could make a nap sound so eloquent! You deserve a break. Glad you seized one when you could.

  3. May your summer be full of Sabbath rest!

  4. Beautiful! I feel more rested just from reading :)

    Also, I know this wasn't your point, but I had a similar prob w/my toilet when one of my boys was potty training. He had the worst aim, and it had gotten down a nearby vent. I mentioned it casually to his ped., and he ended up having surgery to enlarge the opening at the end of his penis--It was too small and that was causing the prob.

  5. I took a walk around the block this afternoon and just wanted to come home and lay in the sun. But I didn't because I would have gotten burned! ;)
    Also, my bathroom stinks unless I've just cleaned it. :P Boys.