On a Jet Plane

I can hardly believe I'm writing this from 10,000 feet.

Technology astounds me on a daily basis. Poor Corey. I can't tell you how many times he's patiently listened to me rave about my love for GPS. ("Look! It follows me wherever I go! I'm the little blue dot!") And my favorite weather apps. Oy. I get a little swoony over the swirl of colors on the radar and the possibility of warmth in the extended 10-day forecast. ("This weekend is going to be cool and cloudy, but the European model says by next weekend.... Hey honey! Where'd you go?)

Today, Corey and I are en route without kids to Orphan Summit 8. It's in Orange County this year, at Saddleback Church, which means we will be just a jaunt up the 5 from our old hometown. I'm escatic, both for the conference and for the chance to return to California. I haven't been back since January 2009. It's been too long. (In N Out, I'm coming for you.)

You can expect me to blog from the Summit, about everything from global orphan care to how social media can be best harnessed by nonprofits that do orphan work. I'll also be posting pictures on Instagram (which can be accessed via Twitter or my Facebook page), in case you like to follow along with my adventures. And I'll try to resist updating you on the weather, especially if this cloud cover persists all the way to the West Coast.

May gray already, people? It doesn't seem right.

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