Sweet Little Lies

This picture is a couple of years old, but the attitude captured in it is always current. Read on. 
I was cleaning up dinner when I heard a loud "crack" from the playroom. Kieran immediately started to wail.

"What's going on?" I called as I walked, drying my hands on the way.

Kieran, in full-out cry, reached for me. Teyla, sitting on the floor next to her brother, wore a scowl.

"Did you hit Kieran?" I said with my eyebrow cocked and serious face, which is Mommy code for: Don't even TRY to mess with me.

"No," Teyla answered, more to herself than me, scowl louder than words.

"Teyla," I said, shifting the still-bawling Kieran to my other shoulder, "look at me." (Mommy code for: I so know you are lying.) "You and Kieran were playing nicely in here, and now something is wrong. I want you to think about it again, and tell me the truth. Did you hit your brother?"

There was a long pause as we stead at each other. Then Teyla's eyes shifted to the side and her words slid out in a long, tremulous, "Nooooooo."

I sat Kieran on my knee and asked the offended. "What happened, buddy?"

"Tey-da HIT ME on da HEAD it HURT!" he practically shouted with righteous indignation.

You could almost read the thought bubble above Teyla's head. "Crap! I forgot he can talk now!"

I stuffed the laughter threatening to bubble up inside me, and I stared hard at the offender, "Teyla, would you like to tell me the story again? Did you hit your brother?"

"Yes," she sighed, equal parts remorse and resignation.

I thanked her for her (reluctant) truthfulness, talked stern about honesty the first time and then hugged away the hurt in both my youngest.

Then I returned to the kitchen and giggled until my sides hurt.

Mommy code for: I win.


  1. Oh, Teyla has met her match! LOL! Too funny!

  2. "Crap! I forgot he can talk now!" - Giggles!

    Also, I'm certain my mom caught that look on my face a time or two. ; )

  3. Yes lying gets much harder when you have talking siblings!

  4. Oh gosh, we are totally in this stage. Except the younger one is starting to catch on that if he tattles he can get his big brother in trouble... at 2 does he really understand that's lying? So not cool!