The First Cut

I’m never ready for that first big boy haircut.

Kieran’s hair was perfectly shaggy last fall. It fit him. It matched his smily personality, his rugged explorer’s soul. Corey and I loved watching him run around the football field where his big brother played.

He was laughing, always laughing, his hair bouncing with the joy waves coming straight from his heart.

But time, as we all know, doesn’t stand still. Fall changed to winter (or something resembling winter) and Kieran’s hair grew. Soon, it was in his eyes, always brushing his lashes. I developed a hobby out of brushing it back for him, swooping it to the side.

“There’s my handsome boy,” I would smile, and he would smile back and give me a big hug. (Or as he says it, a “BEE huh.”) 

Eventually, I could ignore it no longer. With the sigh of a woman who admits defeat, I scheduled an appointment with our stylist. “But a TRIM! Only a trim!” I said, adamantly. “I don’t want a big boy cut yet.”

Of course, Kieran being Kieran, he didn’t particularly enjoy the pampering. It took us several tries over several days to even clip the edges off and give him a clear viewpoint.

And even that didn’t last long. The shaggy layers that made him look so rugged in the fall grew out. The hair was in his eyes again. Only this time, it was more of a bowl cut, like he was auditioning for a boy band in the ‘90s.

I’ll be honest. It wasn’t his best look. It gave me the strength to do what I knew had to be done.

Last Saturday, we went on a mother-and-son outing to our favorite Aveda clinic. Coffee was required (for me). And donuts (for both of us).

He’s a big boy now.

I can’t stop staring.

Consolation prize: With the locks gone, the chubby cheeks are more pronounced.

My baby's still in there.


  1. He so freakin' adorable!! Way to go mama...don't worry, he'll hit the teen years and probably want to grow it back...and not worry about washing it...or moving it out of his eyes. lol!

    1. Thanks ladies! Sometimes its good to have a bigger perspective. (We all sort of hope he grows his hair out when he's older. But don't tell him I said that.)

  2. I actually GASPED when I saw the final haircut. Oh my goodness. He was just a squirmy newborn, wasn't he?! Oh my.

    The first cut, it hurts. I know it.

  3. WOW! Did you ever wonder what Corey might have looked like as a toddler?? Now you know! He is a mini-Corey- and oh, so cute! :) I love the new haircut, but I hear you. I remember when Silas got his first haircut. It broke my heart. Because he looked like a little boy and no longer by baby.

  4. He looks so handsome! That first cut does make them look so big. Benjamin is overdue for another cut.

  5. Punkin :) See I don't mind getting my boys' hair cut because I think it ALWAYS makes them look younger.

  6. He looks so handsome with his new haircut! He just melts you with those eyes doesn't he!?
    What a strange combination of sorrow (why do they grow up so fast?) and joy (Wow! Look how much you've grown!) it is to watch our babies grow.


  7. Love the story and pictures, Kelly.

  8. Your son looks so handsome with his big boy haircut!

    I have four boys, and that first haircut was never easy on me. I always let them have long hair up until their third birthday, even though I got a lot of flack for it. Once they got that first haircut, they suddenly seemed to much older, and I was never ready for it ;)