We Made It

We made it to Colorado!

And our first-ever road trip went so smoothly -- well, I still don't have words. Dare I say it was even easier than expected? I owe 95% of that success to the Internets. Many of you have shared your road trip tips over the years. I read every single one of those posts and hid away your seeds of wisdom. I would say they bore fruit this past weekend.

Unfortunately, while we made it to Colorado, not all of our fruit did.

RIP funky cantaloupe and fizzy strawberries. I'm sorry to have known thee.

We arrived here at my parent's house in Colorado Springs on Monday. Ironically, the first thing we did when we arrived in town was NOT unload our luggage or greet the grandparents but go to a play date with my sister and Meredith -- one of my first and therefore oldest blogging friends that I hadn't had the pleasure to meet in real life until now. One of the best side effects of blogging is the relationships, a point Meredith proved in spades. Sitting with her under pine trees and the startling blue Colorado sky was like having lunch with a forever friend.

By the way, everyone here in Colorado is moaning about the heat and (cough) the humidity. But back in Minneapolis, the temp is in the 90s and dewpoint is above 80 degrees - more typical of the Persian Gulf than the Land of 10,000 Lakes. We stopped at a rest stop in Iowa on Saturday, and I had to strap on my oxygen tank to breath; there was that much water in the air. So I'm not sweating 87 degrees and 45-degree dewpoint. (That translates into 21% humidity.) (I will pause now for my Texas and Florida friends to laugh hysterical at my Colorado friends.)

This weather geek moment brought to you by Kelly's Nerd Alert. If your friends are passionate about dewpoint, just smile and nod. Let your friendship weather the storm.

Since the time we left Minnesota on Saturday, we have: completely freaked out over a hotel, cruised the 16th Street Mall in Denver, eaten orange chocolate chip gelato at Little Man (cone tip to Gretchen), stopped at Compassion for a short visit, played at Whit's End at Focus on the Family (because it's "too hooooootttt" to play outside) and introduced Kieran to the wonder, the magic that is Chick-fil-A.

And we're only on day four of our 14-day adventure.

Pictures of our escapades coming soon, quite possibly in mini installments.

You've been warned.


  1. Monday was great, but you left out the part about LOCKING YOUR KEYS IN YOUR VAN! Grin. I loved how calm you were about the whole thing!

    I hope your days here are a mix of fun and relaxation! Thanks for stopping by to see us...it was the highlight of my day!

    PS: I like the heat. I'm not complaining because I'm about to travel eastward into the record-busting temps and I'm seriously afraid I'm going to MELT!

  2. Humid? DEW TELL.

    (Hadda say it.)

    So glad you made it, and very curios about how you kept everyone happy along the way. Enjoy it, Ms. Roadtrip - my hat is off to you.

    Also, orange chocolate chip ice cream? Sounds like paradise to me. YUM. And Chick Fil A must have been such a treat!

  3. As a gal who has lived in Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri...I laugh at the humidity jokes in CO. But I, too, complain when it's 12% humidity because that is one thing I LOVE about CO....the lack of water in the air! :-) SO fun to meet you at the park! Enjoy Colorful Colorado!!!

  4. Thanks for the cone tip.

    Also, you have to go back. They change the ice creams daily, sometimes multiple times a day. If you are lucky enough to go when they have apple pie ice cream, you will never, ever want to leave.

    Keep in touch!

  5. I hope you're having the best time. Colorado is my FAVORITE!