I say Yes-Yes-Yes-Yes-Yes to Vuh-Vuh-Vuh-Bee-Bee-Ess

I woke up to darkness and Kieran’s cries.

I stumbled out of bed, using the wall to compensate for my missing center of gravity.

And under my breath, I sang, unbidden: “Bi-bi-bi, bi-bi-bi, Big Apple Adventure, where faith and life connect, Jesus directs my future, bi-bi-bi, Big Apple Adventure.”

Those VBS songs, they are ear worms on steroids.

And it’s not over yet. VBS continues at our church for one more day. I am a small group leader this year, the ballast for a ship of nine 4th and 5th grade kids. (Six boys, three girls. Pray for me.)

It’s the first time I’ve done something like this in a while. (Remember the disaster last fall when I tried to lead a small group of girls on Wednesday night? Yeah. That one left a scar.) And while it is wiping me out – it takes a lot of energy to lead a small group every morning and then solo parent my own four kids the rest of the day – I have to say: I’m enjoying it.

It helps that our new church is doing a stellar job with the curriculum. The leadership team is organized, enthusiastic and so passionate about communicating Jesus. The songs are superb – maybe a little too catchy, but hey. I will gladly suffer some ear worms to hear my kids rap John 3:16. (We even have a hip-hop dance routine that goes with it. I’m sure I will be dancing in my sleep by the weekend.)

But mostly, I’m loving the chance to be with young people again – including my Natalie, who is in my group. Youth ministry is in my blood (yesterday, I showed my group how blond hairs and brown hairs will “fight” in a puddle of water), and I’m eager to get back into it, once my family can handle the schedule.

(I’m also relieved my youth ministry skills are applicable in this situation, seeing that they didn’t translate into my year and a half of teaching high school at all. My first day as a teacher -- which came in the middle of a school year more intense than any soap opera – my students asked if they could call me a nickname instead of the formal Mrs. LoveWell. “Sure,” I grinned. “That would be fun.” And with those words, I signed my death sentence.)

One more day, and I go back to being a mom of little ones. One more day, and my corny jokes won’t elicit eye rolls. One more day, and the ear worms will bury deep and give my subconscious a rest.

But tomorrow? I’ll be singing my heart out.


  1. WOW! I love this post and smiled my way through it. :) First of all, I started a blog post about a month ago about being a youth group leader. The only thing left to do is find some pictures and scan them in. For some reason, this seems like a major project. So that blog has been unpublished so far. :) I miss youth ministry too. Really. And the two hair fighting? Brings back good memories. We had a great youth group. You and Corey were awesome leaders. And now? Awesome parents. And that is probably another blog I am writing in my head... my 4 favorite dads: Luke, dad, Michael, and Corey. :)

  2. VBS is always such fun - glad when it starts and glad when it's over! :-) And the songs are always great. We are doing the Big Apple this year too.

  3. I didn't help with VBS this year and I kinda missed it! It's an exhausting week but it's a good kind of exhausting! Glad you're enjoying it.

  4. Oh, I don't know. I helped lead music at VBS for several years, and those songs lasted a lot longer than a week. I'd find myself singing them a month later.

  5. I sing songs by the Wiggles and Backyardigans in my head. In the middle of the night. Ugh. I would rather be singing VBS songs!


    Hair wars. Hee hee hee...

  6. Ha! So funny that I recognized the song from the title. My youngest did the same Big Apple Adventure down here and LOVED it!

    I think VBS is fantastic! I still have memories of going when I was a kid (which was a very long time ago).

  7. Your title hooked me. As I type this I am going on hour 3 of listening to The Boomerang Express CD from two years ago... at my daughters request. Makes Sunday mornings run smoother. Haha!

    I do love VBS!!!

  8. I was just wishing that we knew of a good VBS around here. Church is still so shady for us right now. We don't know where to send our kids.


  9. Love the VBS and camp ear worms! ;)
    And LOVE those junior high kids! You are so right, it does NOT translate to high school! I had a similar experience as a long term sub, but at least I got to start the year with them!
    Do tell about the fighting hairs though, I'm really curious!