Link Love

Every month or so, I update the box to my right that says "I Love This." Eventually, I hope to turn that into a feed, so I can share my favorite links in a more timely manner. (Also? So I can keep talking about me. Me, me, me. Good gravy, this blogging hobby is narcissism at its shiniest, isn't it?)

In the meantime, will you allow me to share my favorite links today in this space?

The Unseen Sea: Watching this beautiful montage of the clouds and fog dancing over the hills of Northern California captured my heart. I felt like I should take off my shoes; God's creation is majestic. (If you click through only one link, make it this one.)

Movement to Restore Children's Play Gains Momentum: Great story. Even greater movement.

Why Minnesota Mothers are Worse than Chinese Mothers: A hysterical and very Minnesotan response to Why Chinese Mothers are Superior.

The Garden of Your Mind: "No culture in history has been more distracted. If you are wondering why there are no more C.S. Lewis’ in the world, no more stories as good as Tolkien’s, no cathedrals as great as the gothic’s, no music as moving as Pachelbel’s, it may be because the writers of these books, the tellers of these stories, the architects of these buildings and the composers of these symphonies are sitting on their couches watching television." I'm still pondering this post, weeks after I read it.

10 Reasons why the BMI is Bogus: This is an old story from NPR, but I stumbled across is lately and felt like shouting, "Hallelujah!" I hate the BMI. It's such bad science. I can't wait until it's thrown out.

What have you read or watched lately that made an impression?


  1. "The Gift of Ordinary Days" by Katrina Kenison.

  2. Kelly - next time you have about 20 minutes to set aside, go ahead and set yourself up on Delicious. It works so WONDERFULLY. I have a Delicious tag button on my Firefox browser (I think there is a Delicious plug-in for Firefox) and I just tag 'em as I see 'em. SO EASY. And you can set it up to go out with your feed in literally ONE CLICK on Feedburner.

    You always have great links.

    Do it.

    Do it.

    (interestingly, my word verification is "somating" but I was talking about a DIFFERENT kind of "do it." hee.)

  3. I did only look at the first link. Oh my word, it was gorgeous! Just amazing. Thanks for sharing.