The Screens are Off

My kids get two full weeks off for Christmas break this year, which apparently isn't the case for many of my friends, who didn't start Christmas break until Christmas Eve. (In which case, I don't know whether to feel sorry for you or envy you. It's a little of both, if I'm honest.)

All that to say, Natalie and Connor have been home for more than a week now, and the cabin fever is setting in. Yesterday was the culmination of a week of lazy: We sat in front of screens - television, laptop or Leapster - from dawn until dusk.

By the end of the day, I was so antsy and crabby, my skin itched from the inside out. I told Corey before I went to bed last night, "I'M BORED!" (All caps entirely appropriate, trust me.)

Which is often code for: I need a plan. I'm lonely. I'm tired of sitting around.

Today, I woke up determined to do something different. We let the kids watch a few Nick Jr. programs and play a computer game this morning. But as of now, the screens are off for the day. (Maybe the week.) The kids are playing with their new toys. And I'm working on a way to get everyone outside this afternoon. (It's a tad complicated when one doesn't have a yard but I'm not accepting that excuse today.)

I can't say I've shed the cloak of irritability yet. But I think we're headed in the right direction.


  1. Good for you! We've been hit with the stomach bug (I think I got it the worst), so I have to admit I've been allowing TONS of screen time. But as soon as we're all on our feet again, screens are going to go away for a while.

  2. This is the first year where I've had to deal with a veritable flood of toys (gifts from relatives, almost all of them). It's a bit overwhelming! We're trying to ration them so the "boredom" doesn't set in right away, but it surely is hard in a townhome to find a place to put everything. I sense a purge coming on...

    Also, one of our favorite "outdoor" places during winter is the mall. We are currently like 10 minutes from the MOA, so that's a good place to burn off steam if the temps are too low to be outside.

  3. is there a "resonates with me" button? i get the same case of grumps when the screens have dominated.

    tomorrow is going to be nice and warm. i just wish we had an outdoor activity that a mom and children with ages spanning from 10 to 1 could all enjoy together. we'll try...

  4. Yes! The cabin fever itchiness. Me too. Drives me to a funk I tell ya.

    I hope you've stocked up on Christmas tree and snowman Peeps.

  5. I've got it too. I do have a plan, but even the plan makes me itchy because it involves so much running around with two small children. But it's better than sitting around here all day.

    I was just thinking that I now totally understand the line in "It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas," that goes, "... and Moms and Dads can hardly wait for school to start again." I hate to admit it, and I do love my kids, but DU-U-UDE.

  6. hi, friend! i don't know why i haven't been getting your posts. but, i just came and read & read & read. now? i forget everything that i wanted to say to you. well, everything except your life is beautiful. [and yes, i read about your kitchen w/ food all out & stuff all over the table & floors.] still beautiful. =)
    i think of you often as i remind myself to love well throughout the day. really. i do. thank you.