Thanksgiving Redeemed

It took me two whole days to shake the funk of Thanksgiving. That’s unusual for me. Normally, my natural optimism combines with coffee to right my rose-colored glasses within a few hours of their falling askew.

But this funk? It had tentacles. It dug in. It held fast.

After another walk through the woods, a good night’s sleep (well, as good as I’m going to get with a six-month-old who’s growing teeth) and some heart-to-hearts with God, I decided this particular mood was resting heavy on me so I would learn something.

The lesson is: I don’t want to let another holiday slip by without me being intentional about celebrating it for the right reasons – both for myself and my children. I don’t want our family memories to include only presents and fireplaces and good food. I want memories with meaning.

Enter Ann Voskamp’s brand new Jesse Tree Advent devotional. It popped up yesterday in my Google reader, and I was overcome with grace.

We haven’t done a Jesse Tree until now. But I think this devotional and a few paper ornaments and a small tree and a lot of prayer will do a world of good to soothe the ache in my soul and keep the Christmas season honest this year.

What about you? If you’ve done a Jesse Tree in the past, do you have any tips or suggestions? Or do you have other Christmas traditions in your family that point to Jesus?


  1. How interesting! I hadn't heard of a Jesse tree until last night. We have a Craft night/hanging of the greens at church on the 1st Sunday of advent and one of the classes did a Jesse tree. Now I read your blog today and it seems like I'm definitely being led to start this tradition in our house.

  2. I printed this off last night for us to do too! I am so excited! In fact, I'm going out to see if I can score a small inexpensive tree today! I will say a prayer for you and your family today! May you feel Him ever so near this Christmas and may our hearts be more in tune to His!!

  3. hope you saw what I wrote on your face book! I've fallen in love with you even more! I love your writing and I've always loved listening to you I can do so more frequently! See you in the AM
    Jill Tallents

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  5. So after you posted this on FB I printed all of these out and it. is. AWESOME. I'm amazed that it's free because it. is. AWESOME.

    Now if I can just cut out the ornaments and start actually reading it to my children, it will certainly. be. awesome.