Black and Light

This summer, the Upper Midwest has been in the severe weather bulls-eye. Here in Minneapolis, we just lived through 30 of the stormiest days in Minnesota history -- 359 storms between June 17 and July 17. That's three times the amount of storms we saw in all of 2009.

Yes, it means we've heard a lot of sirens and endured a couple of close calls.

But it also mean we've seen amazing skies. I can't stop looking up this year.

I took this "black and light" shot last week, when the rain was still cascading down our windows and the storm that had just moved through was retreating from the sun.

I bet most Midwesterners have seen a similar horizon.

The juxtaposition of light and dark, of sun and severe, is always breathtaking to me. It's as stark and startling as if I'd shot in black-and-white film.

(Here's the same shot in color. Not much of a difference.)

For more pictures in black and white, check this week's You Capture.