The Non-Apology

I'm by nature a courteous person. Therefore, I am fighting the urge to write a big, fat apology at the top of this post, and beg your forgiveness for staying away from the blog for so long.

The thing is, I'm growing weary of all the apologies in the blogosphere. I like to humor myself, but I know you aren't waiting breathlessly on the other side of the screen, refreshing your reader every 20 minutes to see if I've posted something new. Life goes on. It's perfectly acceptable for someone to walk away from their blog and take a break, whether it be for five days or 50. (That's the beauty of a feed reader, by the way. My favorite bloggers can take a break and I'll know the minute they return because I'm subscribed to their feed. If you need a tutorial on what I'm talking about, Abraham Piper has a great one here.)

Plus, I know you all support me in my desire to spend time soaking up these precious newborn days. You have always been so gracious about me striving to balance my writing and public life, so to speak, with my family and private life.

So why apologize? It seems superfluous.

Instead, I'll just say: I miss you. And I have so many words in my head at the moment, it threatens to burst. (Which I don't need, seeing as I have other parts of my anatomy at the bursting point, if you know what I mean.) For whatever reason, I had determined to make Kieran's birth story my next post. But I'm struggling to find the time to write a narrative right now. (Go figure.) And it hit me yesterday (I'm slow) that, hey, this is my blog, and I can change the rules anytime I want. So while I still intend on completing and posting Kieran's birth story in the near future, I'm going to go ahead and start posting again, even though that means we'll be out of sequential order. (The horror!)

That's OK, right?

If it isn't, I'm sorry.


  1. Soak up those newborn days. They are my most fav of all motherhood moments ever! Blogosphere will be here when you have time. You could post a pic when you ger a spare minute :-)

    p.s. I get you in my reader :-)

  2. That's the cool thing about blogging, we can step away and still survive.
    Says she who has not even begun to think about writing yet. Turns out having your ribcage cracked open really affects every part of you.
    Enjoy that precious little man!!

  3. ya know you still apologised in the end? LOL will look forward to new posts from you

  4. Everytime I apologize for anything on my blog, my commenters usually say something along the lines of "Dude, it's your blog, you can do whatever you want." (Well, most of my readers don't say "dude," but you get the picture.)

    So no, no need to apologize, write what you want (because bursting is very much Not Good), and we'll all still be your friends at the end of the day!

  5. O.K., I'm thinkin' the male readers of your blog will L-O-V-E the reference to the 'bursting anatomy'(and there was no disclaimer at the beginning of your post to warn them).....baahaaaaa!! And your aplogy at the end, I'm assuming, is part of your awesome humor...which made me laugh! But it's all good...we know you're there, basking in every sweet moment with that little guy! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! :-)

  6. Well, this blogger does indeed miss you, but I agree you need to spend time with that sweet baby! I'm just looking forward to more pictures!

  7. The wise Lisa at the Preacher's Wife told me once, we don't work for the blog, the blog works for us.

    Take your maternity leave sweet friend. He'll be gigantic before you know it.

    Oh wait - he already is... :)

  8. I'm glad you're not apologizing! You do what you need to do, Super Mom!! :-) Hearing the birth story will be something to look forward to, in the meantime, and I can't wait to see more pictures of him! You have learned an important lesson that is so hard for so many people, to take care of yourself, 'cause you really can't be there for others unless your own needs have been met. You're doing great!

  9. That's exactly what I'm doing on my blog! :)