37 Weeks and Pregnant-er than Ever

Warning: I've been writing this post for the better part of the last 24 hours, but apparently, my pregnant brain is incapable of focusing for more than ... what was I saying? I apologize in advance for the randomness you're about to read.

Last night, as is my custom, I sat on the floor next to Teyla's bed and surfed the Internet while I waited for my two-year-old to fall asleep and give me back my arm. (I am her security blanket. Lately, her favorite coping mechanism is to stroke my upper arm. "Arm, Mommy! Arm!" she cries if I dare to take my arm away to type a new web address. So I sit and click on links and type one-handed and we get along just fine.)

Lacking anything better to do, I Googled "signs labor is imminent" just for kicks.

I compiled the following list:
1. Spurt of energy / nesting
2. Loss of mucus plug / bloody show
3. Over-active intestinal system
4. Rupture of membranes
5. Cervix dilation and effacement

(Did I lose all my male readers around mucus plug? Most likely. Carry on.)

I'll spare you graphic details, but let me say this: I have four of the five symptoms down pat. (And the last? My water never breaks until the doctor reaches for the knitting needle. My Mom believes we have the Teflon bag gene. So I don't think that one will ever get crossed off my list.)

To be clear, I am aware -- very, very aware -- that these signs mean I might go into labor tonight, or I might wait two more weeks until my induction date. They should be labeled "Signs of Imminent Labor. Or Not."

That said, I did end up spending some quality time in a mumu Monday morning during a surprise trip to Labor and Delivery. The whole story is over at 5 Minutes for Parenting today. And I am a bundle of contractions lately. I have an OB appointment in the morning. I will be very interested to see if I'm still dilating progressively. Given that I was at 2 centimeters last Friday and 3 centimeters on Monday, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm at 4 tomorrow. Or 5. Or even a 3. Heck, this childbirth stuff isn't an exact science.

No wonder I'm so distractable.

Oh! And I took some pictures tonight to show y'all the watermelon I'm sporting these days, and I seriously couldn't keep a straight face. I mean, LOOK AT ME.

That's ridiculous. And crazy. And bizarre.

I keep reminding myself that I am enlarged in the waiting. For a single guy, Paul sure knew what he was talking about. Amen and amen.

Thursday afternoon update: Still at 3 centimeters, 50% effaced. No significant change from Monday morning. I'm a little surprised, but then again, I'm not. If I've learned anything this week, it's that the last weeks of pregnancy are unpredictable.


  1. That answered my question of "Did Kelly from Love Well have her baby yet?" :-) GREAT preggo belly!! We are in serious negotiations for #4 around here so I am jealous/excited for you!!!!!

  2. Twice, my water did not break until the baby crowned. My friend's baby was born with an intact bag. I don't know why OB's are always reaching for that knitting needle.

  3. I tried holding out with both my babies to let my water break on its own, but after a time, I finally ended up glaring at my physician and saying "Break it. NOW." And the baby was born within an hour of breaking it, both times, so I don't feel bad one bit.

    Those are great pregnant belly pictures!

  4. Girl, you are SO PREGNANT! ;) LOVE the pics. Watermelon belly indeed!

    ps Sure it's not twins? ;)

  5. LOVE that belly pic! Was checking to see if you had had it!! Hang in there! I think you look GREAT!

  6. Better to be a bundle of contractions than a bundle of contradictions!

    I totally get the water part. The doctor had to do it both times.

    I remember driving to the hospital (well, my husband was driving!) after we dropped off our boy with friends on our way to have the girl. I was excited to have the baby and wasn't even hating the contractions. But all of a sudden I thought "Oh, yeah!" in dismay as I remembered the immediate aftermath that would come - feeling like they needed to bring in a firehose to clean everything up.

    Can't wait to hear the exciting news!!

  7. I have an overwhelming urge to go buy a watermelon right now. GOODNESS, Kelly! You are all baby!

    Like you, my water never broke until the doctor got out the knitting needle. And once he broke it? Within seconds I was pushing, and within minutes we had a baby!

    Keep us posted! How did Target go yesterday?

  8. I spent two weeks in pre-labor with my second child. The waiting felt interminable!

    Thanks so much for the amazing shout out about my waitressing post. I really appreciate that!


  9. Oh I can't wait to hear the news!! Soon you'll be able to bend over again...of course you'll be too tired to stand back up, but dang it, you'll bend! :)

    I've been home from the hospital a week today...and STILL my boys keep asking when my stomach will be flat again.

    Never...after 4 kiddos...never.

  10. What a gorgeous mommy-to-be !

    I can't wait for the first photos of that special little guy !!

  11. Bless. Your. Heart.

    I'm on my way to that myself. It's funny how you forget, and think "I can't possibly get any bigger..." Oh yes. Oh yes you can. And I will.

    Bring it on, Baby!

  12. Look at that amazing belly! I know you are so ready, so I hope the signs are the real deal.

    I had intermittent contractions all day yesterday, and the baby was moving less, which I have never really experienced. But then they stopped and today he is having a party in there, so I guess it was nothing. Which is a good thing, because I need to do about one billion things in the next five days.

  13. I think that I could just superimpose my head on your body right now. I'm at 36 weeks and boy can I feel your pain!

  14. I just read the Thursday update and have to say I am surprised, too. 7 more cm to go, which isn't bad.

    Your belly is the best.

  15. Very exciting! You look great for being moments away from having a baby!

  16. you are almost there! before i know it you will have a baby.

  17. Brave woman! posting nekkid belly pics at 37 wks :) Love it! You look fantastic!
    I was equally brave and posted bathing suit pics on my blog http://thedevinemrbaileyjackson.blogspot.com/2010/04/lifes-beach.html

    #1 was a sched c-sec, and we have sched this one as well. 4.5 wks to go, and I CANNOT WAIT!

  18. um...I don't know how that baby is fitting in tiny you!!!

    and you still look adorable. I love the expressions on your face in the photos. Like you're trying not to laugh.

    SOON. It has to happen SOON. I mean, that's all you can know. These "signs" are so silly. and defeating.

    maybe you're in labor right now....

  19. Ok, you're right. It is watermelon-esque, but you are still so tiny everywhere else. Looks like you're gonna drop that watermelon at any moment.