We hadn't seen the sun in a week. Seven days of gray skies and heavy fog and an occasional shower or two. It's a prescription for blah.

And then. We walked out of church yesterday into bright sunlight. Blue skies. Birds singing.


Corey went for a run. I sat on the deck with Teyla and drenched myself in sunshine.

Neighbors emerged -- without winter coats -- pushing strollers, riding bikes, holding hands. Connor came inside and begged me to get down his bike, to get out his shorts, to find his sandals. (It was 64.)


I made Teyla a sandwich of natural peanut butter and homemade whole wheat bread.

"I feel almost virtuous, feeding her so well," I called down to Corey, who'd returned from his run.

"Yes, but you're sitting in the sunshine without any sunscreen on," he retorted.


(Pardon the months-old pedicure. My feet have been warmly clothed in socks until now.)

Natalie fished out her roller blades.

I lusted over the shiny sports cars driving by.

Connor was driving them.

I could smell dirt and hear the phoebes call. The gutters ran fast with water, the last of the snow piles melting like the Wicked Witch.

The sun started to reflect off the siding. The dog retreated to the shade.

I got out Teyla's favorite deck toy.

And look: Our first bug of 2010.

I made smoky beef tacos for dinner with perfectly ripe avocados and cumin rice and beans. We lingered in the extra hour of sunlight, the perfect ending to a day of fresh hope. The windows were thrown wide open, perfuming the house with the fragrance of all things made new.

No one appreciates spring like those who've lived through a long winter.

Spring is when life returns. Dead things bloom. Miracles happen.

We made it. We're almost there.

Just a few more weeks, little one.

And you and spring will be with us always.


  1. Beautiful. There is nothing, absolutely nothing like sunshine after the long, dark winter. I set up my ironing board on my sunporch last week and stood directly in a patch on sunshine to iron, and by the time I was done I felt nearly drunk with warmth and light.

  2. This was beautiful! I love the belly shot! I can't believe your dog chose the shade....Mine loves the sun! Lol! Have a great Monday!

  3. Look at that belly!

    Isn't it crazy that you almost forget what your neighbors look like after being cooped up for so long? We had a gorgeous weekend here too, and it. was. awesome.

    Today we woke up to almost 2 inches of snow, but an hour later it was gone. Hello, sunshine! It's gorgeous out now.

    P.S. Let's go get pedicures together.

  4. Loved this!! It was cold down here this weekend!

    And hey, don't worry about the sunscreen for a while! Soak up that natural vitamin D!!

  5. It's so funny. I'm bummed because we're getting another cool front and the high tomorrow is only going to be about 60! Yesterday it was 86.

    BTW - I believe that picture is a PEDIcure, not a MANI-cure!

    Your pregnant belly is so cute!

  6. Today was beautiful for us too. We actually had to mow the lawn and I pulled weeds. It was in the 70s and I absolutely loved it.

    Yeah, your belly is super-cute.

  7. And it's even more glorious to experience pregnant, isn't it? All that freshness after being cooped up in stale air with that pregnant nose? WONDROUS! You enjoy it, missy. You have EARNED yourself this spring like nobody else!

  8. I shouldn't spoil your joy by pointing out that while Baby will always be with you...spring, not so much. Unless you move to Florida or something. :-) But that might ruin your sun buzz, so pretend I didn't say anything. Eternal spring, yes!

  9. "Just a few more weeks, little one.

    And you and spring will be with us always."

    So I'm guessing this upbeat springy (delightful!) post wasn't supposed to make me cry? Well, it did. You got me with those last two sentences. But it was a happy smiley cry. I'm so very excited about the blessings about to bloom!

  10. I think winter is almost worth it just for the contrast and joy of spring!

    (It's spring here too.)

  11. I just love that you ended your post w/a belly shot. So sweet! We are soaking up every last bit o' sunshine we've gotten around here too and it's been fab!