Pregnancy Journal: Move Baby Move

If you've been hanging around this here blog for the better part of two years, you might remember that Teyla moved in utero. A LOT. I often wondered if she ever STOPPED moving. It felt like my abdomen was a blur of jabs and pokes and prods the last three months of the pregnancy.

And then she was born. And she started crawling at 6 months and climbing the stairs at 8. All that movement suddenly made perfect sense. (I imagine it's like watching a horror movie AFTER you know the killer is lurking inside the outhouse. With a chainsaw. Hindsight is 20-20.)

So I'm somewhat frightened to tell you -- the baby currently residing inside of me also moves. A LOT. (More on that in my Pregnancy Journal post at 5 Minutes for Parenting today.)

I try to comfort myself with the truth that my placenta is NOT next to my outer abdominal wall this time. That means any movements this baby makes are more distinct and possibly exaggerated compared with what I'm used to, since I don't have a built-in cushion to absorb the blows.

But really. This is Teyla's little brother we're talking about here.

I am so in for it.


  1. Oh. My. But it's better to have an active baby when you're pregnant instead of one that goes still for long periods of time. That's when I start getting scared.

  2. Whooooa lady. You ARE so in for it. But also? When this kid is up and running (at 9 months-ish, my guess) he and Teyla can keep EACH OTHER busy.

    Then maybe you can sneak off and take a nap.

  3. Umm, I like the thought that Allison has,but as the mom of two very very busy little ones I beg you to not do it.
    There wouldn't be any house left.
    At all.
    My youngest was rather active. I'll keep it a secret how soon he was running. LEt's put it this way, he was so small at the time he could walk under the table and not have to duck.
    Nap now.

  4. Tee hee! I don't miss the kicks that took my breath away. Especially the ones to the top of the cervix (at least I think that's what that was). Excruciatingly painful and pretty embarrassing out in public.

    But I also wouldn't have traded for less active. I was not expecting to carry to term and each poke, prod and kick let me know that she was still there.

    Based on my very limited experience and anecdotal evidence you are in for a busy baby on the outside too though. But that's kind of fun even among the trail of devastation that is left in the wake of the active child...