Craving O' The Green

It's fitting that my post at 5 Minutes for Parenting today is about pregnancy cravings.

Because today is also St. Patrick's Day, and OH MY WORD, I would kill for some corned beef and cabbage.


Kidding. I'm Irish, but I'm not a fan of traditional Irish fare. (That link o' love there goes back to one of the first posts I wrote for this here blog.)

Instead, tonight for dinner, we're going to have cheddar-potato shepherd's pie (potatoes and sheep - score two Irish points), spinach salad (green - score one Irish point) and soda bread (real Irish food - score bonus points and five pounds).

And guess what I'm going to wash the whole thing down with? (Hint: The answer is in today's Pregnancy Journal.)


  1. Oh my goodness...I have been craving shepherds pie! It's so yummy! I hope you enjoy it. Maybe I can talk the hubby into making me some:) Have a great St. Patty's Day!

  2. I refuse to eat anything named shepherd's pie. My introduction to it was in the dorm - they would serve it on Saturdays and you could find something from every one of the week's previous meals in there. It was disgusting.

    My husb won't eat anything named Hungarian Goulash - his whole dorm got sick when they served it once.

    I always wanted a pregnancy craving. I was so sick I only had pregnancy revulsions!

  3. And Four gallons a week? You're in the minor leagues, baby. With my husband and 2 kids, we go through 6 gallons a week. More if my husb is off and not at work.

    I can't stand drinking milk by itself.