32 Weeks

Today, I am 32 weeks pregnant.

And while I won't know for sure until my doctor's appointment this afternoon, I'm fairly certain I weigh what I did just before I gave birth to my other kids.

That means I'm on track to set an all-time new high-weight record for me.

(Do you like my new camera? It's just a different version of the Canon Powershot I've had the last two years. But this one actually FOCUSES. And it has a ton of other cool upgrades. I thought about splurging and buying a D-SLR, but in the end, I decided I needed something smaller that I can easily carry in my purse and that I needed my camera to shoot video. A few D-SLRs can do that now, but they are uber-expensive.)

(Sorry for the sidebar. But I love having a camera that works. Happy happy.)

I might not look it to you, but I feel HUGE.

I'm not a person to obsess over weight, but the fact that I've added pounds so quickly this time concerns me. It certainly explains why I feel full-term exhausted and immobile. I wrote more about it at 5 Minutes for Parenting today.

Is it just the fact that I'm older? That this is my fourth baby? That my winter diet is much richer and treat-laden than normal? Am I gestating a 12-pound baby?

(Oh look! Feet!)

Can't say for sure. What's your experience? Did you tend to gain more weight with subsequent pregnancies? Or did it just depend?


  1. I gained less with the second but I think it's because I felt so hideous most of the time I was pg with him. Also he was bigger than she was so maybe he was using up more calories growing in there. You look gowerjuss and not an lb over where you should be. Just enjoy it. That boy will nurse off whatever you've got left in the first two months. :)

  2. a) you're beautiful
    b) what I forgot to say at 5mfp - I understand completely about feeling like a larger person, about how just getting around feels harder and more difficult. It was one of the things I struggled with the most, I liked being pregnant, I didn't like being big. Does that make sense?
    Anyway, probably going to have to get over that quickly this time, cuz Ima be HUGE.

  3. I gained the most weight with my first pregnancy! But I looked and felt the largest with my last one. I think I was just worn out by then!

    I think you look adorable!!!

  4. I gained the most with my fourth. Don't know if it was that I was 35 or it being a subsequent.

    And I felt so OLD with the last one :/

  5. All I see here is gorgeousness, my friend. GORGEOUS.

    Yes, it's winter. I vote we blame everything bad on winter. Always.

  6. You look beautiful!! And I love your bright and cheery (spring-y) shirt....at least that should cheer you up. :)

  7. I commented over at 5MFP too, but I have a lot to say. :)

    I also feel huge. In strict weight terms, I'm right in the middle of previous pregnancies. I gained 30+ with my first, 19 with my fifth. I'm at about 24 right now, with six weeks to go. Sometimes I feel huge and unwieldy and gross, but most of the time I feel good. Thankfully all of the weight seems to be in the belly, not in my face, so that helps.

    I was in the best shape of my life before this pregnancy (I ran a half-marathon last April!), so I like to think that I'm more aware of this weight because of that, and also more likely to get back in shape. At least that is what I tell myself as I bake like a mad woman and search for chocolate at every opportunity.

    You look great! All belly!

  8. You look great!! I gained 35 with the first, 45 with the second and 50 with third. If I gain any more than 25 with this 4th I will cry. I can't gain that much weight again!

  9. I didn't gain more. Problem was I never lost that extra five pounds before I got pregnant again...then that extra 10 lbs before I got pregnant again...

  10. You look fantastic!

    Baby #1, I gained 50 lbs!!! Baby #2, I gained 27. I didn't watch what I ate but I didn't go nuts like I did with #1. Plus, boy number one didn't make me the least bit sick, so I packed on pounds earlier. Boy #2 made me SICK for about 8 weeks and I lost about 7 lbs. Remember my comment on 5mfm about the s'mores.. yeah, that was with baby #1!!!

  11. My experience is a lot like Megan's.... I gained much less with my second pregnancy because I felt so hideous at the end of my first pregnancy. I worked out every single day when I was pregnant, though, so it wasn't coincedental. And also, like Megan said, it'll all be nursed away!
    (p.s. you look amazing.)

  12. You look crazyfantastic!!!!

    And I had a camera like that (and I destroyed it on accident) and I loved it SO MUCH!


  13. I gained 5 lbs more with Markus than with Anja, and he was a freaking POUND bigger than her, even though he came two weeks earlier. Also, I've found that my 30-yr-old body doesn't have the metabolism my 27-yr-old body did (what HAPPENED?), and I settled comfortably into a homeostasis 20 lbs higher than my pre-pregnancy weight. Result? For the first time in my life, I am having to actually count calories to lose weight. And it sucks. But it's working, so there's that. :)

    All that said, you still look fantastic! And I'm not just saying that. I hated when people would tell me I looked great those last couple months, because I never believed them. I just felt like a whale. And I wouldn't say it to you if I didn't mean it!

  14. You look great! You look healthy! You are wearing a cute shirt! Your hair looks fantastic!
    Here are my stats with each pregnancy in order: 60lbs, 50lbs, 65 lbs, 80lbs.
    I lost it all within 9 months of the baby being born, and I think I gained so much because I work out intensely, but gave it up during pregnancy, PLUS the fact that I did not feel the need to not eat whatever I craved, and a lot of it. I figured if I was ever going to get fat, pregnancy was the time, so go big. Literally.
    And again, I lost it, and you will, too. Let this encourage you; I am sure your weight gain is much much smaller than what mine was. ;-)

  15. You are so beautiful.

    As an aside, I'm loving your hair. It goes nicely with you belly :)

    I did gain more with Asher, but he was huge. I don't know, maybe it does just depend...

    off to 5 minutes...

  16. I gained exactly the same amount of weight with all three of my girls. I'm not sure how. But I never lost the last few pounds with each, so there's that. It remains to be seen with this one, but I hear you about feeling huge. If it's any consolation, you look adorable!

  17. You look great, Kelly! With Matthew, I did gain a bit more weight but I looked bigger because of the way I was carrying him. At 7 months, my teacher co-workers were telling me I was going to have that baby any day! Don't know if you remember, but I sure do. I carried him until 5 days before the due date. Anyway, when I saw this picture, I was surprised you still looked so small. ;-) Have a blessed day! Lori Noel

  18. I gained the same amount with all 3, but frontloaded faster with the 2nd and 3rd.
    All 3 times I was asked if I was having twins =)
    And I'm considered "petite" =)