The snow is tapering to flurries this morning, and the plows are already coming through. A tiny storm cell left us with a fresh coating of white last night.

But it came in backwards.

Here in the Twin Cities -- and, I suspect, in much of the Midwest -- weather moves from west to east 90% of the time. (I totally made up that statistic, by the way, but since I'm a meteorologist at heart, I'm OK with doing that.) You watch the radar and see what's happening in the Dakotas (or just Twitter with Heather of the EO who now lives west of here), and you'll have a pretty good idea what's coming our way.

Not so with the storm yesterday. Winds converged and Superman flew around the planet at light speed (I made that up too) and suddenly, we had a storm coming at us from the east. It moved from Wisconsin into Minnesota and left us with a black-and-white world. (And the faint odor of cheese.)

Backwards. I had to smile.

In my world, God is the instigator of backwards. Only He does things that are extra-ordinary, unusual, sometimes impossible.

Last night, Corey and I celebrated Valentine's family style. We ate leftovers at the kitchen table and laughed at the kids as they engaged in their nightly, post-dinner game of hide-and-seek (or hide-and-shriek, in Teyla's case). It wasn't romantic or sentimental. It was real. We did manage to sneak away Saturday night for a dinner alone, and we basked in the chance to explore a few local restaurants (one for dinner, one for dessert) and to talk without interruption. But even that wasn't over-the-top mushy and sentimental. It was just us being together.

When we were first married, Corey and I did Valentine's Day the way Hallmark says you should. We got dressed up and at at expensive beach-side restaurants. We traded big red cards and flashy gifts.

But back then, our hearts were separate. We went through with the show -- maybe because we didn't want to acknowledge reality. But there was no warmth behind the dazzle, no companionship to carry us through the other 364 days.

It's funny to me that our 17th Valentine together -- when many marriages have turned cold and stale, and Valentine's Day is just a bitter reminder of what was -- that it's now we are reveling in the new and growing more and more infatuated with each other and marveling at God's ability to raise the dead.


Only God does that.


  1. Kelly, I LOVE this post! As a newly(ish)wed I love hearing about and seeing relationships that are thriving and alive and real after years together. It makes me excited for the future. Thanks for writing this.


  2. Beautiful, Kelly.

    I love our backwards, forward, sideways, and inside out God. He's definitely creative, eh?

  3. Beautiful... and exactly right. We dont "do" Valentines Day. But we do try and show each other every other day that we love each other.

    Great post and beautiful writing!


  4. I LOVE this because I think it's what God intended. I think He meant for relationships to grow and flourish, just as He longs for our relationship with HIM to grow and flourish.

    I want more of it!!

  5. SO beautiful! I hope that I feel that way after I've been married 17 years! = )

    I love the transparency and reality of your blog!

  6. We've been married 7 year in April. No matter how many years we've been married, you've always got us beat by 10 :) Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  7. Bravo. I've been musing on similar thoughts this year, particularly after recounting how non-sentimental our V-Day was to a friend.

    Reminded me of this quote from "How To Make An American Quilt": "Young lovers seek perfection. Old lovers learn the art of sewing shreds together and of seeing beauty in a multiplicity of patches."

  8. I was consumed with the desire to high-five you when I read the cheese line but then I kept reading and now I just want to hug you and cry. That was so pretty and so real and so, so eurT (that's true, Backwards).

  9. Love this.

    We actually like the February 13th, because that's when we got engaged. (In 1988, Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday as it did this year, so we went out on Saturday night.)

  10. Precisely.

    We had Mexican takeout - with the kids.:)

  11. "Only God can do that." Yep.
    I just loved this.

    Also, Hide & Shriek? very clever. (And I can hear exactly what you mean by that!)

  12. Hey we got backwards weather the other day too! Our weather always comes from one side of the house (?north? possibly) and yesterday it came from the west, I think. Anyway, the "wrong" side.
    And I know what you mean. Donn and I have been married 19 years. We used to always always go out for Valentine's Day, and then the past few years we've been broke and haven't made that so the kids have gotten into it and cooked dinner for us, and this year we were both sick and the kids were buried in homework so we didn't celebrate at all! But it doesn't matter, because our relationship is better than ever and our family stronger than ever. Also the kids are going to cook on Wednesday. Always a culinary adventure chez nous!

  13. We celebrated "family-style" too. I think that's the trend for couples our age with children. Date night planned for sometime in the next few weeks.

  14. I love it. Great post! It warmed my heart.

  15. True for us too. We were sitting with a group of new couples without kids sharing their best Valentines Day memories. We sat there and couldn't remember one to share and a couple said "makes we not wanna have kids" and we responded with "Valentines Day is shared now with the whole family".

  16. My Valentine's Day was super-romantic - I feverishly slept in and my husband did crafts quietly with the kids. He made me a clutch of paper flowers and later, when I felt like eating, he made me pasta. And it was maybe the happiest Valentine's Day of my life, the knowledge of being well and deeply loved.

  17. Beautiful, thoughtful post! Weather moves from west to east here in Canada too! It's all about the position of the jetstream...

    Sometimes I fret about the lack of showy romance to brag about but while "just being together" isn't flashy I'll take it any time.

    We spent Valentine's day watching the Olympics with my sister and then rocking our poor, sick (vomiting) child until 5am the next morning. Decidedly we know how to party, but the Olympics watching part was actually quite lovely.

  18. Oh, sister. I TOTALLY and completely get this. Just. Perfect.