What I Did on my Summer Vacation

Things I Saw in Colorado

A baby who stole my first ever Sonic cherry limeade.

Mountains. Honest to goodness mountains.

A park in the trees that was quintessential Colorado.

A Papa who shares his watermelon.

A really cool slide at the Focus on the Family visitor's center...

...and a little girl who loved the adventure.

A wardrobe that opens into Narnia.

Enough sunshine to make a former San Diegan weep with joy.

Cousins old (Silas, age 2)...

...and cousins new (Eliana, age 4 months).

The wild, wild west.

An old-fashioned church that a cowboy built for his wife.

A working cattle ranch.

A working cattle ranch dinner. (Holy cow, that was some seriously yummy grub.)


Luke's Daycare.

The Garden of the Gods.

My kids making themselves at home in God's Garden.

Rock climbers.


The Broadmoor.


One of my favorite blogging friends in real life -- Angie from Flibbertigibberish.

Angie's kids and mine getting along like they were destined to grow up together.

Veils of rain.

Grammie listening to stories.

A full-scale replica of how most of the world lives, thanks to the Compassion HQ tour.

Artwork from kids rescued from poverty.




  1. that drink is bigger than she is. love it!!
    what a terrific summer!!

  2. Looks like your trip was fantastic! Think you'll brave it at Christmas?

  3. The expression in her eyes in that first picture is priceless!

    What happened to that little baby?!?!

  4. What a good summer it's been for you. I'm so glad.

    And longing for it to last right with you...

  5. All of those are beautiful, beautiful things! So glad your trip was wonderful, but dying that you were so close (park in the trees!) and I didn't get to see you. Hopefully that was the first trip of many.

  6. Judging from your pictures, it looks like you had a great time! Good job on the essay, too. =)

  7. Every single time I see a picture of you I think "GOSH, SHE IS SO PRETTY."

    So, you know, just thought I would actually tell you.

  8. Thanks for sharing your trip and your family! That last photo is priceless!

  9. Great pics! It's fun to see places that are familiar through someone else's eyes.

    My husband and I had a fabulous getaway at the Broadmoor a few years ago. My parents honeymooned there, too.

    I hope the next time you come to CO, you venture a couple of hours north!

  10. wait a minute. FIRST EVER cherry limeade? how is that possible?

    GORGEOUS trips and oh my WORD are you ever stunning, Kelly! WOWZA, mama.

    Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

  11. That looks like a very fun va-cay. You probably hear this a lot, but boy do you ever look a lot like your mom. That's a very good thing.
    Aren't the rockies amazing? I get to see them every day when I drive my son to school and I NEVER tire of them.

  12. LOVE Colorado! The look in the baby's eyes....I bet you didn't dare try to take that away from her! :)

  13. I love Colordo SO much. We are heading back out this Summer and I will love to take my kids to the Compassion HQ. It looks like they would get a lot out of it. Do you recommend it? We sponsor kids, so we have discussed poverty, but I think seeing it would be great. What do you think for 6 year olds?

  14. I love the wardrobe into Narnia so much I'm wondering where I can put one in my house... My husband is trembling...

  15. What a neat, neat trip! Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful pictures. I feel like I just took a minivacation, and I NEEDED that. :)