I Think I'd Rather Be Called A Hippie

I snickered when I read Amber's post yesterday. (If you don't understand my title, go read it and come back.)

I snickered because I love that kind of husband-wife interaction. I snickered because husband's over reach, sometimes, when they are trying to set the mood.

And I snickered because it's happened to me.

Shortly after Corey and I were married, there came a Friday night when we were alone. We were living in San Diego, across the freeway from the military base where "Top Gun" was filmed. I loved that movie as a teenager (which I think describes roughly 97% of females who grew up in the '80s), and I was positively giddy that the air outside our apartment crackled and roared daily with fighter jets overhead.

That particular night, Corey attempted a little "Top Gun" vibe. He snuggled up next to me on the couch, and said with honey in his voice, "Kelly, you big moose. Take me to bed or lose me forever."

I laughed so hard, I almost fell over. He was chagrined to learn he got the line wrong. Oh so very wrong.

(Please tell me you know how the line is supposed to go. And if you're a husband reading this, note that calling your wife a moose is not the best way to entice her to an amorous evening.)

Looking for more humor? Check out the Friday Funnies at The Run-A-Muck. Comedic gold.


  1. I knew what I was doing all along...really...

    In the Inuit tradition, calling a beautiful young woman "a big moose" was the widely accepted form of "initiating the launch sequence." Seriously.

  2. Mr. Love Well's comment is HIlarious.

    And so are both of your stories (you and Amber)

    It reminded me of how, WHILE I WAS IN LABOR, Ryan got down close to my face and said, "YES!!! PUSH!!! YOU'RE A MONSTER."

    Then I had a c-section.

  3. Oh, my goodness, I'm laughing my face off.

    This whole thing, comments and all!!!!


  4. Too funny! And how great is that you live across the street from the fighter jets?! too cool!

  5. Hippie or moose? Yeah, I'd go with hippie too.
    too funny!!

  6. Hee hee...

    "Hey GOOSE, you big stud..." he got the second line right!

  7. Between your posts and the comments, I'm about to lose my diet pepsi all over my keyboard.

  8. LOL! Hysterical.

    Has moose entered your marital lexicon?

  9. I LOVE this story...I never tire of hearing it. :-P I always like to hear of Corey's little flubs, especially since he so indiscriminately shares mine with all who would listen: the "one nostril" story, the "Mighty Ducks" blooper, and other such tales. :)

  10. Well... if it was in the Inuit tradition... that's all right then.

    (And my dad actually graduated from the so-called Top Gun at Mirmar. It kinda ruined the movie for me. Because - ya know - he was my DAD.)