A Summertime Dilemma

I woke up today to bright, gorgeous sunshine and a warm breeze, which is threatening to make me turn on my AC for the first time this year. And last week, we had five days straight of gray and clouds and temperatures in the low 60s, which makes today’s weather all the sweeter.

But my house is a disaster. It looks like a tiny army invaded and ransacked the place – which is a pretty accurate description of our weekend. I have Polly Pockets (wearing clothes made out of tin foil) on my kitchen table, next to the small checker board. (I might as well call the kitchen Choke Zone Central today.) The dining room is the usual mess of Legos and Pollys; I’m pretty sure some of them are living in sin at this point. I have couch cushions on my floor and empty snack bowls on my couch. All manner of cups and water cans are scattered on my back deck, the remnant of a might water war that was waged last night. I have strawberries in my fridge that need to be dealt with before they make the leap into destruction. None of the beds are made. Books are piled in teetering stacks on the floor of the kids bedroom, and Teyla pulled out the dirty laundry in hers.

It’s enough to my teeth ache. I do not like disorder.

Obviously, what I need to do is put on my big girl pants and tackle this mess head-on.

But the sunshine. Remember the sunshine?

Today is forecast to be the only truly nice day this week. It screams “GET THEE TO THE BEACH!”

Which is why I think I’m going to put on my blinders as soon as I get done with this post and grab the kids and trade Disasterville for a nearby lake.

I know I’ll still have to set things right when I get home.

But if you can’t run away in the summer, when can you?


  1. Move fast...the mess is not there. At least not until you get home. Have a great time!!

  2. Cleaning will wait. Sunshine will not. To the beach, at once!

  3. Are you sure you aren't running from my house? I'm on my way to the pool as soon as get this laptop shut and in the bag..lol

    Love you girl!

  4. Wish I could run away from this office and join you!

  5. You've chosen well, my dear. You won't regret it.

    As for the legos and polly pockets, you really can't blame them for breeding out of wedlock, cuz you know if they did marry, they'd be unequally yoked. Why I find this completely hilarious reveals just how mature and sophisticated I am.

    Now go make memories while the sun shines!!

  6. Get thee outside! The fleeting sun must be enjoyed!

    I've resorted to sitting outside from 9-9:30 every morning since that seems to be the only time the sun stays out long enough for me to work on my non-existent tan.

    I feel your string-of-60-degree-day frustration. Spend those days inside cleaning and get out and enjoy your sunshine. And send some my way, 'kay?

  7. My house is a disaster zone. I'm thinking about cleaning durning Jordan's nap instead of my usual pregnant-pass-out-on-the-bed.

  8. I'm with Sarah, run, girl, run! Put those blinders on and deal with the mess later when it rains.

  9. I've decided that this summer we will live in shambles. The mess can wait, the summer won't. Have a super day at the beach!!

  10. Good choice! That mess isn't going anywhere, but the sunshine is only here for a day!... hm... that kinda sounds like a country music lyric... only you could change "isn't" to "ain't" and "anywhere" to "nowhere." Yeah, that works.


  12. Amen, sister.

    I hope you ran :)

    Cause now it's raining and pouring and the old man is snoring...(literally, he's right next to me, snoozing away. ryan likes to snore.)

  13. I would have headed to the beach too. But maybe that had something to do with finally deciding that yes, we are going to break down and turn on our a/c, and then realizing an hour later that the a/c has broken down. Sob...

    If you are looking for guilt free reasons to go to the beach, just remember that the summer forecast is wet and rainy in most of North America. Seize that sunshine while it's here!