Soccer Mom

I earned a new badge today.

I am now, officially, a soccer mom.

My five-year-old son started practicing with a bunch of fellow pre-kindergarteners this morning. I don’t know who was more excited, him or me. Because this isn’t just his first venture into team sports – it’s also mine.

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  1. What fun!!!

    Miles starts t-ball this summer too. I never thought I would be so excited about that, but I am.

    (I did have to giggle at the idea of you as a soccer mom-I mean, the stereotypical soccer mom you are not) :)

  2. Love it.

    Is he really on a soccer team or part of a swarm of ants? That's the part I love about little kid soccer - the clump of kids moving down the field with the ball!

  3. What's the typical soccer mom? Maybe you'll find out and you can write a post about that. My only girl cousins always used to talk about some clothing store "Aeropostale" as the young cool soccer mom store. I've never been to that store and my cousins don't have children, so what are they talking about? And, I've heard countless other references to this 'soccer mom,' and I never get it.

  4. You need a soccer ball sticker for your minivan window to make it official.