I Tried To Shut My Ears, But They Just Stayed Open

During our San Diego vacation back in February, I had the most surreal experience. One morning, at breakfast, as we were munching our Raisin Bran and eating enough melon from the fruit buffet to satisfy a small elephant, I overhead the strangest conversation at the table next to us.

OK. I was eavesdropping. But this one was too juicy to ignore.

You can read the rest of the story over at 5 Minutes for Parenting.


  1. Haha! Good post. We all have a good family moments and bad family moments. I just wish all the bad family moments happened in the privacy of our home...


  2. My friend Johnny is on a cross-country road trip this summer, so I passed along the link to your post about Hash House A-Go-Go. He went on Tuesday and he loved it! Though he says he's never eaten more food in his whole life. I THINK he asked me to thank you on his behalf, though it was hard to make out the grunts.

  3. I think we used to go from A to F in about 20 seconds flat. (Depended on how quick I lost it!) You made my day!

  4. I tagged you over on my blog-go check it out!