God's Fireworks

Wednesday night, I was glued to my radar screen. Huge thunderstorms -- the first severe ones of the summer -- were popping up all over southern Minnesota, very close to our still-on-the-market house. The screen was a swirl of green, yellow, red and even (gulp) maroon. There were even some tiny tornado signs on the map, with tiny arrows next to them, proposing a trajectory.

I wasn't so worried about our ex-home. In fact, we secretly pray that a selective tornado would blow the whole thing to smithereens (while leaving our few neighbors unscathed), because then the insurance company would cash us out and we would be free to move on. But I was concerned about our friends in those parts. Severe weather is the biggest rush to me -- but I know it's also very dangerous.

Because that part of the state isn't within the Twin Cities television area, I couldn't get any real news about what was going on. I just had to watch the radar loop and speculate on Facebook and Twitter. (I babble when I'm nervous.)

It was about this time that I heard Corey hissing my name up the stairs. The kids were asleep, the lights were off. I couldn't imagine what demanded my urgent attention.

Turns out, it was this.

In all my days of weather watching, I've never seen lightening like that. It just kept going and going and going. Corey said it reminded him of the grand finale of a fireworks show. That's a great analogy. We never heard thunder; the storm was too far away. But the clouds flashed and flared nonstop as long as we had the energy to stand on our tiny sidewalk and gawk. What awesome power is at the fingertips of our God. He is dazzling. Bravo.


  1. Whoa. Can you imagine how awesome and terrifying His unbridled power is?

  2. The light show was incrdible that night. I sat in my living room in a trance just watching it all.

  3. Last week when we had our storm and tornado threat, the lightning was incredible. I've never seen such wide streaks with so many branches of smaller streaks.

    Truly a demonstration of God's majesty.

  4. Electrifying isn't it?
    We saw several storms like that when we went to Seminary in Texas. You could tell all the Northerners, we were all out on Balconies watching.
    It was like nothing I'd ever seen before.

  5. Wow, I must've been in bed and missed it. Great show!

  6. Wow! That's amazing! My husband and I watched the video twice! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  7. beautiful!
    Oh, and I heard there were some big touch downs right next to Tinytown...did the exhouse remain unscathed?

  8. Oh I love it! I would have been under the bed if it had been at my house, but it's a fabulous view from here. :)

    Glad everyone is okay...

  9. Awesome! I'm a desert girl, and I absolutely love thunderstorms--it does show the awesome power of God. Thank you for sharing.