They are Tears of Happiness, I Promise

Can I be totally honest and real with you for a moment?

My parents put their Northern California house on the market this past weekend.

It sold today.

TODAY. Five days after they put the "For Sale" sign out front.

I'm so happy for them I could cry.

At the same time, I'm so frustrated for us, I could cry.

God's timing. God's timing. God's timing. God's timing. ...

If you'd rather not stay here and sigh deep sighs with me, feel free to check out my post over at 5 Minutes for Parenting today, in which I tell the story of Natalie transitioning from a bath to a shower (and then make it into a metaphor for the passing of time, because I'm apparently in a very melancholic mood on Tuesday nights).

Natalie's seven (and a half, she would tell you) -- and maybe that's late for making the shower leap? I don't know. But she's the oldest, so she has to break the ground for everything.

When did your kids start taking showers?


  1. My 10 and 6 year old take showers, and the oldest has for a while, but they beg for a bath every time. You're right-the firstborn has to break the ground for everything. My oldest doesn't always appreciate that.

  2. I get that happy/sad thing at the same time ALL THE TIME...I think that says something about me :) I'm off to read your article now...

  3. Boo was almost 7, so I am with you on that age. She still takes baths every couple weeks, but showers are just easier. lol

    I am sorry you are frustrated. The housing market is so strange in MN right now, we looked for 5 months before we found our house.

    Deep will happen!!

  4. We switched to showers in Mauritania, when the kids were about 5 and 7, so that they could rinse off every night before bed.

    And it's so bittersweet, when you are genuinely happy for a loved one who has gotten something you've been longing for, but it just twists the knife that you haven't gotten it yourself. It's hard, and that's okay too. Hang in there!

  5. I was nine when I started taking showers. In my defense, my hair was so long I could sit on it, and washing it by myself was a tricky chore in the shower--much easier just to lay back in the tub and rinse it clean.

  6. I totally get what you mean about mom and dad.... I am so happy for them- but this is all happening so FAST! :) I got off the phone today and realized they will be leaving in 2 months- and I am sad knowing I will miss them but more then anything I am sad for Silas because I know he will miss them and not understand why they are gone... So I completely get it! We will continue praying for that house to sell!

  7. I don't remember, but I pretty much insisted on my boy taking a shower. And he'll stay in there forever. The girl will take a shower if she needs to, but she loves her baths. Sometimes more than once a day. Preferably with a book.

    High fives for your folks, sympthetic hugs for you1

  8. Awesome for your parents... hang in there, Kel.

    As for showers... Emma has taken a few showers with me, but never solo. I can't figure out how to teach her how to get all the shampoo out of her long hair. Maybe it comes with time and age? But like you said, a shower is more often a threat and NOT something they'd choose over a bath! Emma's reasoning? "It's hard to swim in a shower, mom!" Good point.

  9. I just wanted to tell you that it's okay to be melancholy and sad, even though you "know" that God's timing is best...your heart can still feel broken and achy. Crying does help. As long as you need to be in that weepy place, it's okay. God will be holding your heart. I believe that. I have been praying recently, "Jesus,I need you to care about my feelings, and I need you to take care of my feelings." I believe He does.
    About the shower thing- My 9 year old showers, my 7 year old prefers baths, my 4 year old sometimes showers (with hair washing help) and my 2 year old bathes.

  10. First, I'm happy for your parents. I'm giving you the head tilt of sincere sympathy. Shrugging, too. Who can guess why on the timing?

    My oldest daughter started taking showers right around third grade.

    She'll be 12 really soon (!) and she wants to go back to baths. I think she perceives that baths are uber-feminine beautifying rituals and that's what girls are supposed to do...she doesn't get it from me. Let's blame the usual culprit: Society.

    The three oldest boys shower. I have to physically point out which container is shampoo and which is soap every time, though. Otherwise, they'll put foot mask on their heads and lather up their bodies with conditioner.

    My 5-year-old son takes a shower when we are seriously pressed for time (think Sunday morning), but he still enjoys a good soak/pirate boat battle in the tub so we honor that need.

    The little ones are still bath-bound.

  11. I don't remember the exact ages but I do remember the rejoicing that accompanied my boys being able to BOTH bathe AND dress themselves! Glorious day!

  12. Sometimes God's timing can leave me shaking my head and I have to remind myself that God's plans are GOOD plans, even though they may not be mine (grumble, grumble) :)

    My parents are in the middle of moving to Zambia as missionaries for MAF, mere months after the birth of their first grandchild. And of course we are thrilled that they get to fulfill a lifelong dream. And very sad that they will not be part of Elizabeth's early years.

    So I totally get your mixed feelings. Hang in there!