When Natalie finished her dinner last night -- Ina Garten's chicken pot pie, which is to die for, by the way, and includes enough butter and cream to make that a pleasant reality -- she asked if she'd eaten enough to have a treat.

We negotiated a bit; she had to eat some melon to round out her meal. But in the end, I pronounced her treat-worthy.

I climbed onto the step-stool and got down The Candy Bag, which is a familial collection of treats. And lo, I realized some of those treats had been in the bag since last Halloween. And in the back of the cupboard, behind the candy bag, I found two boxes of Hershey's bars, leftover from the cousins' reunion we hosted in June 2007.

Apparently, our candy cabinet is where candy goes to die.

It sounds noble, doesn't it? Candy doesn't get eaten at our house. We're simply too busy munching on carrots and hummus (which is true) and apples and soy nuts (also true) to mess with it.

But that's not the whole story. The truth is, candy isn't my thing. A bag of M&Ms holds no allure for me. (Unless they are peanut butter M&Ms. I can handle a few of those.) Candy bars are too big and too sweet. Even grown-up candy like squares of dark-chocolate Ghiradelli don't do much for me.

But these?


Oh baby.

They SCREAM my name. Especially homemade old-fashioneds. They pull me in, like little circles of seduction -- crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, freckled with nutmeg and cinnamon and dusted with powdered sugar. The perfect match to a cup of dark Sumatra with toffee nut cream.

In fact, if you take my donuts away, I might feel a little like Teyla when I was taking these pictures.

"What do you mean I can't have another one?"

"Bbbbut. But. I .... like them. And they like me! You can't take them away!"

"You're so mean! Waaaaa!"

I guess the good news is, I know my weakness. So I don't make or buy donuts all that often. (And, strangely enough, the Twin Cities have no donut stores -- no Dunkins, no Tim Horton's, no Krispy Kremes.) I don't trust myself to stay strong in the face of fried dough. Better to avoid the enticement and be the weaker brother than to pretend I'm strong enough to handle the allure and end up eating six donuts a day.

So how about you? What's your temptation?


  1. I'm strangely not that in to sweets. I do fall for sweet and salty though.

    And, did the Krispy Kreme in Maple Grove go away? Just checking. Because I do love me a Krispy Kreme.

  2. The Krispy Kreme in our neck of the woods closed last year and was replaced by a Staples.

    My poison? COOKIES. Especially ones with chocolate and no nuts (except for macadamia nuts--I can tolerate those).

  3. Good chocolate.
    Lay's potato chips
    Popcorn drenched in butter
    chocolate covered pretzels.
    Tortilla chips and sour cream
    Chocolate chip cookies
    gum drops

    I'm beginning to see why I struggle with the chub.

  4. My downfall is the salty. I ADORE chips...esp tortilla chips (yes, even Doritos, but my fav is Kettle Tias and Emerald Valley med salsa...mmmm) and salt and vinegar Kettle Chips (also love their Thai flavor.)( And cheese'n'onion. And pretty much anything) I rarely (pretty much never) buy chips because I will eat them!
    By contrast, candy lasts a long time in our house, as do cookies. At least if the kids can't access them, that is ;)

  5. When we were at Disney World (specifically Blizzard Beach), we found a little snack stop that sold donuts. They were the cakey kind sprinkled with sugar and they were hot out of the fryer. Oh my word, I have never tasted anything so good in my life!

  6. I love donuts too, and I'm regularly thankful (and angry at the same time) that the Twin Cities have no donut shops.

    When we were in PA a few weeks ago, we ate donuts *way* too often, because there are all those awesome mom & pop donut joints that I LOVE!!

    I pretty much like all sweets, but donuts are particularly troublesome for me.

  7. For me it's mostly salty foods like french fries or movie theater popcorn. But my favorite sweet food in the whole world is a cinnamon sugar pretzel from Auntie Anne's. Oh mercy are they good.

  8. I guess it's for the best we don't have a Trader Joe's b/c I could eat the dark chocolate almonds with sea salt until kingdom come. My runner up is dark chocolate peanut M&Ms. The theme here being: Nuts+Dark Chocolate= Gluttony

  9. Books. No, seriously. It is pretty well a physical impossibility for me to walk out of a bookstore without buying something. And ever since I discovered abebooks it's been a constant struggle not to blow all my husband's hard-earned money on all these wonderful second-hand books I'm finding.

    There's pretty well no food I can't live without--but take away my books and I'd be miserable.

    Or, more likely, dead.

  10. My weaknesses are. . .
    1. Books
    2. Dark chocolate
    3. Chocolate chip cookies
    4. Buttered Popcorn (cooked on top of the stove - none of that icky microwave stuff!)
    5. Pictures of Teyla on Kelly's blog

    Do you REALLY make doughnuts? Wow.

  11. That expression is the same expression I get over ice cream. Donuts ... not my weakness. But, I will not hesitate to stop by a Krispy Kreme every now and then when that HOT sign is on.

  12. I love chocolate. There are so stored away Hershey bars in my house. And I LOVE donuts, too! Love them.

  13. I'm not tempted by candy either. Nor by donuts, chocolate or ice cream.

    But give me bread...and butter, and I'll make quite the pig of myself.

  14. I passed by a Krispy Kreme tonight and had to restrain myself from stopping for a hot one. I survived this time, but next time I'm definitely stopping. I think we should all have at least one a year. But it's the ice cream that kills. Restraint is much harder.

  15. We lived in Maple Grove at the time the Krispy Kreme opened there and I remember the line looping around and clear down the street all for hot donuts!

    My weakness is definitely for the sweet rather than the salty. And I go for chocolate over fruity desserts almost every time. Cookies, cake and brownies disappear much quicker in our house than candy does.

    Cute pics of Teyla! :)

  16. Umm.. Food in general? Not that I don't love the chocolate chips and potatoes basically in any form, but I also quite often stuff my face on a head of lettuce or the inner part of a bunch of celery.

    I normally have no trouble with things like donuts because I'm celiac. Although I suspect that if you showed up with good gluten-free donuts I'd scarf the lot. I seem to lack self control when it comes to baked goods that I don't get very often...

  17. Doughnuts aren't really my thing. M&Ms, chocolate chip cookies, brownies. Yum.

  18. Well, I thought my thing was ice cream, but then I read about your thing with donuts, and all those other womens' things with cookies and salty food, and now... well, I'll be darned if I don't have a thing for EVERYTHING at this point.

    Can I blame it on the 4 pound leech in my abdomen? Also, I'd thought it but never fully realized: you're right! There ARE no donut places around here!

  19. I can personally attest to the fact that you are slow to consume candy. I remember boxes of stale Easter Peeps hanging out in your cupboard in San Jose well into the autumn months. :)

    And since when did all of the donut shops disappear in MN? Tragic!

  20. Oh! That picture of Teyla crying! It makes my heart break even though I'm laughing out loud. Thanks for taking a time out from sympathy to snap that photo.

    My temptation is pints of Ben & Jerry's in my freezer (thankyouKelly) and cookie dough in the fridge. Yowza.

    Mr. Love Well gets the prize for the best comment ever. You did give him a prize for that, didn't you? ;)

  21. anything chocolatey is my downfall...all sorts of cakes, cookies etc and french bfries...if they're there, they won't last long