I sorted and labeled about 500 digital pictures last night, as Corey sat next to me on the couch and schizophrenically flipped between "Grendel" on Sci-Fi and "Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior" on Disney. (Wendy Wu got my vote. I know it's terribly uncool for me to say that, but Disney movies -- even the silly ones made for the tween set -- always make me smile. They are corny but they know they are corny. They celebrate their wacky sappiness. And unlike movies on Sci-Fi, they don't give me nightmares.)

I hadn't gone through my pictures since early March. I don't take many pictures in the spring, so I knew I could put it off for a while and not get buried.

But summer is upon us, and I know the camera will be snapping pictures almost daily for the next few months -- "Oh look! It's the sun! Quick, kids, go stand next to the lake so I can remember this moment!" -- so I figured I'd better wade through the swaths of snapshots already in My Pictures folder before the deluge overtakes me.

As usual, looking through pictures from the last few months made me nostalgic and a little weepy.

I mean, the kids are growing so fast. It's alarming, really. It's true what the sage said: "The days are long, but the years are short." I see that so clearly when I look back at pictures, even pictures that were taken fairly recently, in the grand scheme of time.

But overall, I was struck by the simple joy that is our life right now. The kids are young and happy and they want to be next to us all the time (!!) and hold our hands. We laugh constantly, like it's our family's theme song, and we tease and make jokes and enjoy each other.

Life is good. It's not perfect, it's not necessarily easy. But it's good. It's achingly beautiful, every minute.

I can't drink deeply enough of this sweetness. My heart overflows with gratitude.


  1. Such great photos! And good for you for sorting through them. I am really bad about that and I always regret it!

  2. i can't believe you wait that long to sort through them. i download pictures EVERY DAY!
    that baby has crazy hair! but she is so stinkin cute! love her brushing her teeth.

  3. That picture of you and Teyla is perfect.
    I was thinking the same thing as you last night. Right now, it is so good. Busy, busy, but very good.

  4. Your pictures are beautiful. They make me a bit weepy and I don't know any of you! The one of your husband reading is super sweet...and the two tooth brushers!! : )

  5. Love the pictures. Like that's a surprise! The one of you and Teyla is adorable. I wish I had more of me and my kids, but I was always the one behind the camera.

    I guess I'm a sage because I've always wondered how the days and weeks can creep and the months and years can fly. My girl isn't supposed to be much older than Teyla, and after Wednesday she'll be a high schooler.

    (BTW, Minnesota nod in my blog today!)

  6. I love the picture of Teyla and Natalie in the bathroom. This really hit me today! My baby is 7 months and growing so quickly. I've heard that "the days are long but time passes quickly" and it is so very true.

  7. Love that last shot of you & Teyla. Just precious!
    And I'm so with you on this stage of life. It's "achingly beautiful"... chock full of moments worth savoring.
    (And yes, I get the exact same way when I sort through pictures...weepy, nostalgic, unbelievably grateful!)

  8. Friend, thank you very much for this reminder. Timely on a long day where there was way too much yaah, yaah, yaah at each other over every.little.thing. I need to see even the merit in days like today.

  9. Yes, me too. I just can't stand how fast they grow. I want to hold it all up a little bit, tell them to TAKE THEIR TIME.

    I LOVE that last picture of you and Teyla. It's just so great.

  10. what a great post!! you have such a cute blog!

    i've been feeling that way about my baby - he is rapidly becoming a toddler and every time i kiss his sweet, chubby cheeks i think about how fleeting these days are! i want to remember them and treasure them forever!

  11. I KNOW.
    I look through pictures from our REALLY RECENT PAST and SOB. What's with THAT?

  12. I was just randomly thinking about you and how much I appreciate you so I decided to come by and tell you.

    Have a lovely day. :)

  13. Whoa, I got all teary at the end there. So true.

    Love the picture of the girls brushing their teeth. Hope Teyla wasn't using the toilet as her sink... :-)

  14. Oh, for wisdom to consider our days and know that they are fleeting! To savor this day's joys! Thanks for such wisdom in this post...