You know that game Whack-A-Mole? I'm guessing there's a variation of that country fair classic in every arcade in America. (My favorite mutation was Whack-A-Demon. It might be the only arcade game my genteel Baptist pastor grandfather ever played. I'll never forget the smile of glee on his face.)

Sometimes, it feels like my life is one big Whack-A-Mole game.
As soon as one problem is beat back, another pops up.

For example, the malware mole was that popped up on my computer last week was soundly hit with the mallet this weekend. Corey helped me wipe my hard drive and reinstall Windows, so now my laptop has that fresh, new computer smell about it. (And I plan to come back later today and post a Easter recap; I'm determined to share that iMix with you even if Easter Sunday is over already.)

But then, this morning as I was getting dressed, I heard Teyla smacking her lips on the stairs.


I found this:

Yep. That's toothpaste. The good news? Our stairwell will be minty fresh for some time to come.

The bad news? I have no idea how I'm going to get that much blue goo out of beige pile.

(But it's better than vomit, so I'm not going to complain.)

Since I have no battle plan (and Google doesn't have many answers for me), I decided it might be more productive to just take macro pictures of the disaster.

I love how you can see one of the mini breath strips in the carpet in this shot.

Wow. Those fibers are blue.

Anyone have a big mallet I could borrow? I promise I'll use it only on future moles and not on my head.

I think.


  1. I say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Looks like you and Teyla have a full day ahead of you, dyeing your entire carpet blue. Spring redecorating!

  2. Oh no.

    I would give you my mallet, but I actually am currently using it on my head.

    I wish I had the miracle cure for tooth paste in the carpet. Someone's gotta have some ideas though....

    right, people? :)

  3. Would Oxi Clean work? Maybe try their website for ideas. I send this suggestion via my mom who believes Oxi Clean has the power for world peace. And other than that, I'm saving my quarters for my own next game of Whack-a-Mole. Because I'm empathetic...that's it.

  4. Guess you are having a blue Monday.

    Looks like an Easter egg exploded.

  5. I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh at your day, but you crack me up!! That made my Monday. : )

  6. I love the line about
    At the end of the day.....

    That says it all.

    Stop by and visit me and get in on the give away.

  7. Ok, I've got just the thing for ya! GONZO! You can get it at Bed, Bath & Beyond and probably from a TV commercial where they guarantee your life will never be the same after you try this product. And THEY ARE RIGHT. This stuff gets out blood, red wine, coffee,grease, "pet stains", vomit and oh so much more. Toothpaste-smoothpaste, no job is too hard for Gonzo!!
    Oh, and glad to hear your computer is as good as new. We can live with stained carpets, but life without a laptop? Unfathomable!

  8. I had a child smear "Butt Paste" all over the living room carpet one time and the only thing that worked (like a charm, I might add) was Goo-Gone. It was magical and I got to keep my job.