Quick Prayer Request

My sister.... (Hold up, I need a picture.)

Yes, that's my sister. My only sister, who is six years younger than me, is 38 weeks pregnant right now. At her doctor's appointment a few weeks ago (and I'm hesitating to call it a doctor's appointment; she's at Kaiser in California, and they aren't exactly known for their personal approach to medicine), her practitioner noticed she was measuring small for her due date. As is customary, they sent her for an in-depth ultrasound, where she learned her baby girl appears healthy but is very small. At that point, she was around 5 pounds, 5 ounces, putting her in the 17% category for weight. (This was especially remarkable because Silas, her firstborn, was 9 pounds, 3 ounces. Emily wasn't expecting the words "tiny" and "baby" to be heard about one of her offspring in her lifetime.)

Anyway. At her appointment today, her doctor said her amniotic fluid has decreased by about half, she's showing little to no fundal growth and her blood pressure is high. So she was sent to labor and delivery for an afternoon induction.

If you could, please pray for my sister, her husband (who's birthday is today; so much for his birthday dinner and peach pie) (happy birthday, Luke, you are incredibly awesome) and our extended family as we await news.

Also, you might issue a special prayer for me. I hate being apart from my family at moments like this. (Emily and my parents live in California.)
I just want to be there. But I'm not.

Instead, I'm doing all I can do -- blog, Twitter and Facebook updates for her. :-) At least we have modern communication


  1. Oh friend, praying for you and your sister. Keep us posted.

    My laptop's on the blink so my computer use is spotty.

  2. I hope everything is ok. Praying for her and you. I don't know you, but I hope you'll post the outcome.

  3. Thank you for the news, Kel. My heart and (of course) prayers go out to Em and Luke...and the whole clan. I know how hard it must be for you to not be with your fam in No Cal right now. Please do keep us posted.

  4. I'm so sorry you're so far away...that's just impossibly hard.

    Prayers for you and yours,

  5. I will say a prayer, please let us know how it goes today. I'm so sorry you have to be so far, it is rough at times like this when you want to be with your people.