My Living Delight

I am going to write this blog post if for no other reason than to keep my hands away from the lemon chiffon cake slathered with lemon butter frosting that is sitting on the table next to me. It's the only thing left from yesterday's Easter dinner, and oh my word, I love lemon cake.

You'd think it would be easier to resist. The last six weeks I've fasted from treats (except for the homemade donuts I made for my brother's birthday) as a way to mark Lent. I've detoxed from the sugar. (Or so I thought.)

But there it is, still beckoning.

This was my first time celebrating Lent, and yes, it was truly a celebration for me. I know it's supposed to be a sacrifice, and there were many nights, especially the first week, when I would find myself wandering the kitchen after the kids were in bed, wanting a sugary snack but knowing I needed to be content with a slightly overripe banana and a handful of peanuts, when I could be a little irritable.

But overall, it was a sweet time for me. (No pun intended.) The last few years, I've lamented that Easter -- the most joyous of holidays -- seemed to come and go before I had a chance to stop and think about its meaning. We have too much Christmas and not enough Easter, in my opinion. So this year, I asked God what to do. And He clearly told me to sanctify the days approaching holy week by refraining from a small thing that brings me pleasure, and instead, seek Him as my delight.

I don't want to talk about it too much, lest I tarnish the intimacy. But yes, it was good. And Easter was more special because of it. I felt the sorrow and the joy, the despair and the hope. My mind was fixed on Jesus the last few weeks. It made yesterday's celebration all the more real. I could feel the joy bubbling up inside of me as we approached Sunday. Travis Cottrell's triumphant "Alive Forever Amen" was my anthem.

(Here's a link to my Easter iMix; Travis' song is the first track. If you don't already own that song, buy it now. I guarantee, it will be played in heaven.) (Well, almost guarantee. Certainly the spirit of the song is being echoed by heavenly creatures at this very moment.)

And while nothing matters as much on Easter as the TRUTH that indeed, He's alive and we are set free, I have to say -- yesterday was as picture-perfect an Easter as I can remember. The sun shone, the grass started turning green even as I looked through my camera, and the temperatures were in the mid-50s. It felt like spring.

Oh. And the cute kids? Icing on the cake.

Which brings me back to the cake. The cake sitting next to me. The cake that is calling my name.

It's almost as if the cake knows Easter is over, that my vow is complete, that life should now return to normal.

But you know what? After Easter, nothing is normal. Everything has changed.

I know I have the freedom to eat the cake.

But I do believe I'll put it away for now.

Even lemon chiffon cake cannot beat the Delight that is alive in my soul.


  1. I love your quote "fixed on Jesus" I love that. It amazes me when we are fixed on Jesus how calm and at peace we become. I enjoyed visiting your blog!

  2. I love the picture of the kids they all look so sweet!

  3. Such a great post. I agree with you-- too much Christmas and not enough Easter. You found a great way to make it more meaningful. I'm jealous of your warm, sunny day. Too much rain here. Your kids are really cute in all their Easter finery! (That's how I remember Easter as a kid.)

  4. Love this post.

    But I do shake my head that it's mid-fifties and your girls are in sandals and barely sweaters. And then Mrs. E. comments about the "warm sunny day". Here when it's in the mid-fifties on Easter we consider it our "Easter cold snap". In fact, it's a chilly 57 this morning....

    But compared to last year's snow, I guess y'all were practically ready to head to the beach! LOL

  5. This year the whole "too much Christmas, not enough Easter" thing really seemed to hit me. It was here and then gone before I really realized it was coming, leaving my heart unsettled and shallow. It even has this Baptist-grown girl looking into Lent for future years... there's something missing in the way I've been "doing Easter."

  6. Beautiful pic...beautiful post...beautiful Savior...

  7. You kids are adorable!! Love the picture!

  8. That's really cool. I know what you mean about times when Easter comes and goes without enough impact on my heart. I appreciated your post.

    And your kids are beautiful! :)


  9. I love that argyle sweater your son is wearing! so cute!

  10. I don't know how you managed to give up sweets (and to resist the cake as well), but I'm so glad this exercise in sacrifice created a deeper delight in your soul. And I love what you said about nothing being normal after Easter, about everything being changed. It is! Our hope is built on nothing less....

  11. I haven't written up my thoughts on practicing Lent this year (yet) but I have to agree wholeheartedly that the heart change I experienced was amazing.

    Thanks for sharing your growth with us!