House Sellers, Midwestern Edition

I sent my husband the following text message this afternoon: "I'm the biggest mess of skepticism and optimism you ever saw."

It's all because of this:

That's our house. The one we own but no longer inhabit. The one that's been on the market for 30 months.

The one where I saw views like this almost every night:

According to our agent, some potential buyers are writing us an offer tonight.

It's a little like that feeling you get when you're trying to get pregnant. Maybe you've been trying for months, maybe you've even gotten pregnant only to watch your dreams bleed away when the baby died. You've been waiting and hoping and praying and believing and expecting and despairing and protecting for so long, it feels like it will be this way forever.

And then.

And then, the little stick turns positive.

Afraid to hope. Afraid not too.

Will you pray?

We've gotten a couple of offers before, but both were so low -- almost half our asking price -- they weren't even a consideration.

Would you pray this offer is fair? Would you pray this is God's answer to our plea? Would you pray that, even if this isn't God's answer, that we would continue to believe in His timing, His plan?

I'll let you know what happens.


  1. His timing is perfect... I will pray this time it works the way you want.. Beautiful and scenery..are you sure you want to sell it..

  2. Praying for calm, contentment. . .and a contract!

  3. I pray that you will sell it. We've been trying to sell on our own and not having much traffic, either. It's hard in this market especially.

  4. Girlfriend, I am PRAYING. For His timing, plan, and your faith. And peace. I have first-hand witnessed some amazing things in this real estate market, anything's possible, and I know Who's running the show. He happens to be the God of the possible.

  5. I will pray. And we are supposed to get a car tomorrow. You can pray for us too. I can certainly relate to the hardships of waiting and wondering and praying and waiting some more and wondering some more.

    Don't forget to let us know!

  6. I'll be waiting to hear and praying for you. (Even though I'm a little late in reading this...but God knew that and he's not restricted by my tardiness.)

  7. Oh, friend. I am praying.

    God's timing is always perfect. (And this is totally the pot calling the kettle black.) It will be so clear why you've had to wait.

    Can't wait to hear...

  8. I'm praying that the offer is fair and I know that God will take care of you both. *HUGS*

  9. What a beautiful view. I hope and pray that He will guide you with your decisions. By faith, He will surely allow things to happen when He feels it's best for you and your family. Keep the faith!

  10. I hope it all works out! Fingers crossed and lots of prayers.

  11. It's been a really tough few years for homsellers. Praying that this is the right offer.