Great Expectations

If you want to know what kind of day I’m having, you need ask only one simple question: Has the baby napped?

If yes, then I’m having a glorious day, abounding in productivity and sprinkled with sunshine and rainbows.

If no, then I’m having a frustrating day, thick with clouds and whining. Of course, it goes without saying that I’m not getting anything done with a cranky toddler grasping my knees, so you might as well expect leftovers for dinner, because who can cook with Her High Grumpiness at the helm?

At least, that’s how it used to be. But after months of living at the whim of a baby, I decided to take back control....

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  1. Great post Kelly! I especially thought this was so insightful:

    "How can I communicate something that is so ingrained I don’t even know it’s there? My expectations only materialize to me when they aren’t met."

    That was our marriage, to a T, when we were newlyweds. I wish I had been able to express/admit that confusion like that.

    Really, basically, I'm just GLAD I'm not a newlywed anymore. LOL.