Good News

I'm happy to report that my sister was sent home from the hospital without being induced. Further tests showed a lower blood pressure, more amniotic fluid and a happy baby. Emily's thrilled -- and probably exhausted after the roller coaster of emotions she's been on. In her words, "I wasn't ready mentally to have a baby today." Amen and amen.

She went straight from the hospital to a birthday dinner for her husband. (They ate out instead of having her make it. Luke is considerate like that.) Personally, I think they both deserve a free dessert. Go for the hot fudge, Em.

And thank you, sweet friends, for your prayers. Certainly, God is God no matter what happens. Therein lies our faith. But tonight, I'm thanking Him for His healing hand on Emily and that sweet little one.

I can't wait to meet her ... in a few weeks.


  1. SOOOOOOO glad to hear it! Especially since I had a small part in that sweet baby's existence! I got the request and the answer to pray at the same time, so guess there must have been some of the faithful lifting up Emily and her baby. Praise God!

  2. Isn't good news the best?! Happy Tuesday.

  3. Wonderful! So glad everything's okay and she's got some more time to mentally prepare for the baby's arrival.
    And can I just say that I totally "get it" about being away from family at times like this. At one point, my siblings and I had the four corners of the US covered--we couldn't have been more geographically dispersed in the US! They've since moved a bit closer, but most are still a plane ride away. So I completely understand how tough it is to be far away during the big events, the happy moments, the scary episodes, all the times when we need them and they need us....
    But at least we can blog, skype, FB and twitter, right? :-)

  4. Oh, good!

    I understand the "I'm not ready to meet the baby!" feeling, although with me the answer was "too bad."

    Your sister and her baby will be in my prayers.

    Technology can melt the miles away, but there is nothing like being by each other's sides for the big moments. My sister is 2000 miles away, too. :(

  5. So good to hear that your sister and her baby are doing well. Things like that tend to panic us mothers.
    We'll be praying for a nice fat baby girl to arrive right on time. :)

  6. Phew! That's great news, Kelly. I wish you could have been/ could be there. Oy, these miles. Darn 'em.

  7. Praise God! Or alhumdudi'llah, as they say round here! ;)

    I got this and the news to pray at the same time, but I'm rejoicing with you and will keep your sis and baby in my prayers. And yes, I hate being far away at times like this. I can relate.