A SAHM Moment

I pulled into the garage this afternoon a little after 1:00, with the following list of urgent concerns.

1. Corey needed me to e-mail him some directions immediately; he was going to be leaving the office in 5 minutes.
2. I had two Trader Joe's bags in the back of the mini-van.
3. One was packed with frozen vegetables, which had already been in the car for two hours.
4. The other was packed with fresh flowers, which had been out of water for two hours; I could see the tulips wilting.
5. Teyla had a stinky diaper.
6. She was also throwing a fit because I wouldn't give her the churro she could see in the front seat.
7. Connor was halfway through his quesadilla lunch and needed something to drink ASAP lest he choke and die.
8. I really, really needed to go to the bathroom.
9. I was really, really hungry. My footlong tuna Subway was calling my name.
10. The phone was ringing.

Which task do you do first?


  1. I think I would go to the bathroom first. I would not be able to concentrate on anything else until that was done. Then I think I would tackle the dirty diaper. No one wants a little one with a diaper rash....

  2. Definitely bathroom first! Then email directions.

  3. Save the tulips!!

    Teyla won't get a diaper rash if she waits a few more minutes and incontinence later in life is a small sacrifice for fresh flowers.:)

  4. a mom knows how to do all those things at once.

  5. frozen veggies on the way to the bathroom. no question.

  6. I'd be going for the groceries and flowers first--you just spent money on those, for goodness sake! Then the bathroom on the way back out to the van to deal with whichever kid was loudest. :)

  7. Oh boy. I say veggies on the way to get directions. Five minutes isn't much time. Then straight to the bathroom. Then diaper.

    You can eat when you die. Oh wait...that's sleep.

  8. I'm sorry. You missed one.

    Where were the pressing bon-bons?? And surely you were late for General Hospital?

  9. Don't you love multi-tasking? Take care of yourself first--hit the bathroom, and then tell them to take a number! : )

  10. 1. Scream.

    2. Then bathroom.

    (Or you could pee in a vase and stick the flowers in it!)

    I hope Corey didn't come home and say "what did you do all day?!"

  11. that's what happens when you slack and wait to do everything at the last minute :)

    wise words from your brother

  12. Dude, I'm stumped! All I know is the peeing would take priority for me, followed by email probably. That's a toughie. You better reveal how it all played out!

  13. So have you hit your brother yet?
    I'd pee on the way to e-mail the directions.
    Happy Hubbie, happy life. The veggies won't wilt for 5 more minutes.
    And stinky diapers build character:)

  14. Grab Teyla, the churro, frozen veggies and flowers on your way inside. Toss the veggies into the freezer, flowers into the sink & twist the faucet on low. Grap the laptop & take into the bathroom with you. Sit down to potty, placing Teyla in tub with churro. Send email while you tee-tee. Finish up. Clean up Teyla while hollering out to Connor to get out of the van with your tuna sub and drink something. Put everyone in secure locations and try to enjoy your tuna sub. Whoever called can call back later.

    My adrenaline is pumped!

  15. Yuck.

    Hope you get a chance to enjoy the weather today!

  16. E mail hubby, get tulips,go potty....can't wait to hear what YOU did!!!

  17. Hubby's directions first. I always wait to go to the bathroom... bladder of steel. But I like the idea of emailing from the bathroom. Brilliant. Kids should definitely wait. It teaches them that the world does not revolve around them. However, if the diaper gets too bad, I suffer the consequences. Adjust accordingly.

  18. Wow...some great advise. My personal favorite is from Mocha with Linda. I laughed out loud and then Elle's is pretty darn good too. For me, bathroom. Then I could focus on the rest of the work.

  19. Sounds familiar, right down to the wise words from Mike.