When a Rainy Monday is a Good Monday

I love a rainy Monday.

I dropped the kids at school a few minutes ago, their first day back after a Spring break week that lived up to its moniker. Last week was sunny, abnormally warm (our high last Monday was almost 70; and yes, that's after our high the Wednesday before was 5) and absolutely gorgeous. We played outside, rode bikes, opened the windows, hiked at some nearby nature centers. Of course, we also indulged in an afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese (a Spring break tradition) and a couple of other extracurricular activities.

But today, it's back to business. And while I love unscheduled fun and last week was a perfect appetizer to get me hankering for summer, I'm excited, right now, to settle down for the next few days and cozy up to my regularly scheduled lifestyle.

The rain outside -- which would be snow, if this were a normal March -- fits today. It's like a little gift from the One who made me me.

I think He knows that, sometimes, a rainy Monday is a little slice of perfection.


  1. You obviously are too young to have learned from Karen Carpenter that "Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down". LOL

  2. Rainy Mondays definitely have a place in the line-up--especially when accompanied by a little "down" time. Glad you have a chance to soak it in. (no pun intended) :-)

  3. I love rainy days too. Just makes you have to stop and that's a good thing.

  4. We'd LOVE some rain! Glad you enjoyed your rainy Monday!

  5. I so dig a rainy day...like today. ;)I seem to sleep really hard when it's raining in the wee hours of the morning...Mmmmm....nice.

  6. Hi Kelly! It's Emma's Spring Break here and Gary's out of town for two weeks. Isn't that FUN?!

    But your Chuck E. Cheese idea is good. That place ranks low on my favorites list, but I'd get mega mom points. Thanks for the inspiration!

    And as far as rain and weather, it was in the upper 70's all last week and over the weekend, and we're expecting a big snowstorm later this week. Go figure. But I'm glad... we've not once played in the snow this season because the couple of times it did snow enough, it melted within hours.

    Wait. So when are you moving here?

  7. I love your blog! So inspirational ;)

  8. It has rained all day today here as well (though it is Wednesday) and I've not accomplished a thing - except for some much needed studying that is. We've not had spring break yet but I'm looking forward to taking the kids on some mini-adventures.

    You are a great mom and inspire me to be a better one. :))