And it was going to be such a good story, too

I was all excited to sit down this morning and write up a story that's been brewing in my noggin for a few weeks now, and normally, Monday mornings are a good time for that sort of thing. The older kids are in school and preschool, the whole week is shiny and clean, and Teyla can be distracted with "Sesame Street" and a cup full of Cheerios.

But this morning, my carpool partner has sick kids, which means I'm going to be running back and forth to school all day. And my van's check engine light came on as I was coming home from my first school run. And Teyla has had two massively stinky diapers in the hour since we've been home.

So real life intrudes on the blog life, once again. I'm going to have to put off the story writing until later. Hopefully, I'll manage to cobble together a few free minutes this afternoon while the kids watch "Martha Speaks" and "Fetch!" Of course, it remains to be seen if my brain will cooperate. Lately, I've noticed this horrible trend, where I compose posts and journal entries all day in my head, but when I finally get the time to write (which invariably comes after everyone is in bed around 9:30 PM), I have no energy left to be creative.

I suspect this is true for most SAHMs who have young kids, and it will change (a little) as the kids get older. I've heard rumors that once your kids are in school, you might even have a few hours each day when you're alone. I can't really comprehend that -- I don't even shower without a little person hanging out between the tub and the shower curtain -- but it's what I've heard.


  1. I don't even shower without a little person hanging out between the tub and the shower curtain

    Just don't let Cory do that or you'll never reach the stage of "a few hours each day when you're alone. :-)

    And I can't believe I just typed that without switching to Anonymous.

  2. I understand. Completely. A few hours alone? Could it really be true? I'm not gonna know what to do!

  3. I can totally relate! My 6 month old has had his two bottom teeth for about a month (I think). A friend of mine saw him for the first time since he was about 2 months old and informed me that I had neglected to announce those teeth on my blog. He is also rolling over and sitting up...

  4. Totally with you on composing amazing posts in the shower or elsewhere throughout the day, then they vanish when I sit down at the computer. :)

  5. Writing posts in my head? Check.
    Sitting down to write them onscreen at 9:30pm and being too tired to think? Check.
    Not taking a shower without at least one child between the curtain and the tub? Double check.
    Wondering what it would be like to have a couple hours alone? Wait, AlONE? Huh? Is there such a thing??

  6. That is so my life. Except for right now my husband has all three boys and the house is quiet and I am paralyzed by all of the possibiliities of what I can do without the children so I am still not accomplishing anything.

    Did you know if you leave out one of the "l" in your url ( that you reach a spanish blog? Because I just went there by mistake and was very confused as to why you were know writing in Spanish.

    Clearly, I need to be by myself more often because I am a veritable font of wisdom and information and am able to leave the longest blog comments ever...

  7. I got your number, girlfriend. I know exactly how that feels.
    But, your story WILL still be good. It will just be good tomorrow. Or next Monday :)

  8. Here's some advice you can take to the bank.

    If you hope for even 10 minutes a day to yourself?

    Don't home school.

    You're welcome.

  9. Now my kids are older and I get lots of time to myself... I miss being needed all the time.
    Heavy sigh....

  10. I have several hours a day all alone and, yet, real life intrudes on the blog life for me too. In fact, those hours alone never seem to add up to the glorious accomplishments I think they should! Oh, and the wonderfully witty and eloquent posts I compose in my head! Too bad I never can remember them...