The baby has been crying for the better part of the day.

Because she’s tired. But won’t nap.

I’m weary of the noise.

It’s raining outside. In February. That’s weird.

It’s very, very gray.

I feel a strong pull toward the tanning salon around the block.

I have to go to a meeting at church tonight.

The kids will go to the nursery there.

But I’m wondering if my nerves are too shot from all the whining to enjoy my kid-free hour.

I’ve been writing a post for the last 18 hours that’s about something meaningful and exciting and fun.

But I can’t make it gel. It just plods.

Which might be because I feel ploddy today. Not meaningful and exciting and fun.

And normally, I’m not ploddy. I’m not whiny. I’m annoyingly optimistic, actually. Little Miss Sunshine.

But today, the sun is blanketed by the clouds.

Good thing we’re going to San Diego on Saturday.

I've heard there's sun there.


  1. Bless your heart. Sunshine sounds like exactly what you need!

  2. Up north in Crookston they got a lot of rain, and now snow. My aunt called with the weather reports! lol

    I hate when it rains in the winter, it makes the ugliness come out in nature. Yucky snow, yucky roads. Ew.

  3. We can all relate to the gloomy mood. I hope Tuesday is better. And yes, San Diego should be lovely!!

  4. What I love about this post is that it isn't sunny, it is real. Some days are like that and it is important for others to know we aren't alone!

  5. Get the cold weather blues!!!
    Totally get the call of the tanner!
    I am so glad to hear that there are other girls with my feelings!!!

  6. Sounds like San Diego is exactly what you need. ((hugs))

  7. Hope you found some sunshine! May today be better for you!

  8. Hugs to you! Rainy days and Mondays always get me down!

  9. Can I come with you? Swing by and pick me up, it's on your way....

  10. I'm plodding too. I think it's because it's February. I hate February and I don't even live in Minnesota!

  11. I am new here but I know just how you feel. For some reason, winter seems extra long this year... We've had a few dull, cold, rainy days here too... not as cold as you guys probably but I really am ready for a better spring sometime soon...