Love, Southern California Style

Guess what we did for Valentine's Day?

We flew to San Diego.


Which might have ruined Natalie for future air travel. Thirty minutes into the flight, as we were eating our hot meal with real silverware, she turned to me and announced, "Mom, we should always fly first class. This is awesome." I know kid. Don't get used to it. We just blew the frequent flier stash.

It's always amazing to fly away from dull, gray winter and land in bright, sunny spring. It's like Dorothy going from black-and-white Kansas to technicolor Oz -- literally. We when got off the plane Saturday, our senses were assaulted with green hills, masses of orange poppies, tiny purple and white daises and brilliant pink bougainvillea set against a sky as blue as a robin's egg.

Upon leaving the terminal, Natalie sighed and said rather loudly, "Now this is more like it."

So far, we've had an amazing time. I'd give you a day-by-day breakdown, but I don't really want to lose readers while I'm on vacation. It's bad ju-ju.

But here are a few snapshots.

Check out this sunset that we saw Saturday night. I took this from the car, so my apologies for the lack of focus. But tears of happiness make it hard to hold a camera.

Sunday, we went to church with my brother and sister-in-law and then spent the afternoon at Legoland, thereby earning our Parents of the Year badge from Connor.

Warning: taking a five-year-old boy who is obsessed with Legos to an amusement park dedicated to Legos may cause excessive joy.

The most fascinating part of Legoland (for me, anyway) was Miniland, where entire cities are recreated using Lego bricks. Las Vegas is the newest attraction.

Treasure Island was the most popular with the kids, because the pirate ships out front would do battle, just like they do in Vegas.

New York was another cityscape that amazed us. My favorite bit of the the Lego Big Apple was the new (yet to be built in real life) World Trade Center ...

... which stood solemnly next to the (yet to be built in real life) 9-11 memorial.

Besides theme parks, we've also enjoyed sweet times of reuniting with longtime friends. Does it make me sound old if I say I remember when all of these kids were born?

We've also gone teary-eyed a few times at the thought that we left this place.

I mean, I used to be the newspaper editor for this beach community, for crying out loud. I saw this every day.

For us, the song should say we left our heart in San Diego.

But we also know (ginosko, if you know Greek) that God has guided us to where we are today, and He has reason for that. So we trust.

But we also miss the beauty and even the personality of Southern California.

More later. We're off to SeaWorld today. (I'll say hi to Shamu for you, Amy Beth.)

Do you think heaven will be like one long vacation -- only better?


  1. Glad you're having a great time.

    And that I don't have to feel guilty thinking about you while I enjoy our 83 degree day today! :-)

  2. Jealous with a capital WOW, but so glad to hear you are having a lovely time. I'm jealous in a good way.

  3. LEGOLAND! MY boy would pass out.
    That first class thing is funny. We were staying at a super classy hotel once and The Girl asked, all wide-eyed, why we didn't stay in places like that ALL THE TIME? Why, indeed.
    Have fun.

  4. I just had to breathe in a bag for a minute to calm down. Thank you.

    That is beautiful, amazing, and inspiring.

    Matt has an audition there in May and your blog post just caused me to redouble my prayers.

    Hope you enjoy, relax, and love your time there! Kiss some San Diego ground for me.

  5. What is it with San Diego? Another blogger i read just vacationed there this week! Maybe i should use my credit card miles to visit there on my long weekend. Whaddya think?

    (I can guess your answer, i'm sure!)

  6. Ooooh! I want to go!
    Are you going to the Zoo?

  7. Looks WONDERFUL. Sounds like the first class ride went over well too! Enjoy!

  8. So glad to have you back in Cali. :) Our boys went to legoland 3 years ago and they are still talking about it. :) Hope the weather stays oh so lovely the whole time you are here! :) bbff

  9. Oh, my boy would DIE of envy! He wanted so badly so go to a Legoland, any legoland would do, for his birthday...alas, all are too far and away...

    Your trip looks fantastic!

  10. That looks like an absolutely fabulous vacation. I could use a break from All The Gray.

    I'm sure you have your favorite hot spots, but please tell me you went to Richard Walker's! Or Jack's in La Jolla!

  11. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! My sons would be so jealous of your trip to Lego Land. Thanks for sharing!

  12. So where are my updates?? I've been waiting to see what fun you've been doing the last day or two and nothing. I need some thoughts of warm weather Kelly :)

  13. We have had so much fun with you here in SD. The weather has gotten nicer and nicer every day since you've been here! How about those s'mores and the camp fire at Moonlight Beach!!

  14. Wow I can remember when they were all born too. Kaely looks sooo much like Lisa.

  15. Looks like an amazing trip!!! I am glad you enjoyed yourselves.

  16. I've been away from blogland for awhile but had to comment on this post. My son was just talking tonight at dinner about going to Legoland in California. I can't wait to show him these pictures! He's going to love them. Amazing!