Just Call Me Madame Kelly

Scene: The dining room, today. The table is littered with Legos and Polly Pockets. Kelly is attempting to pick up. Connor is playing Legos. What follows is an actual conversation.

Kelly, looking at tiny scraps of paper: "Buddy, what are these? They look like little dollar bills."

Connor: "They are."

Kelly: "Did you make them?"

Connor: "Oh no. Natalie made them. The are for my Rick." (His boy Polly Pocket.)

Kelly: "Why does Rick need money?

Connor: "To pay. To pay for Natalie’s girls."

Kelly: (speechless)

Connor later explained that Rick needed the money to ride the jet skis which are owned by Natalie's girls. Who knew Pollys were capitalists? Better that than the alternative, I suppose.


  1. OH Kel! Thank you so much for the laugh. I needed it.--that and the reminder of "Rick". MIss you all!

  2. That brings a whole new meaning to the word prostitot. :)

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! Did you have to stifle laughter?

    Yes, good little Polly. Little does she know her jet ski business run in MN will cost her dearly in taxes and only be able to be open 2 months per year, tops! :)

  4. Good thing you live in Minnesota where it's cold and the kids have to keep their clothes on, huh?!

  5. That is so funny....you never know what kids will say and it is usually innocent which makes it all the more funny. Or they hear something, not knowing AT ALL what it means. When one of my boys was 4 (he is now 34) he came in from playing and I said what have you been doing. He said "oh, humping the girls". W.H.A.T.??????

  6. That is TOO funny :)

    I've missed reading your blog - I took kind of a bloggybreak with pregnancy and delivery issues - nice to be back!

  7. Oh wow, wow, Wow! That is hilarious.

    So how do you make marshmallows? I've heard that people do this, but I didn't know it was true. To tell. It sounds like something that Ava would enjoy.

  8. I love it! Kids are so dang funny!!

    (Well, until they say something about "paying for girls" in church. Then, not so much :-))

    Little kids. They're so unintentionally hilarious.

  10. Oh, I love kids so much! They say the best things that really help get me through some of the tough days!