January Thaw

There’s nothing like a January thaw. I’m sitting next to my open patio door this afternoon, the final day in January. The temperature is a balmy 45 degrees, and the snow is melting faster than the Wicked Witch. (Incidentally, melting snow is more gratifying. And less messy.)

The sun is sparkling. Water is everywhere, spilling down the windows and splattering on the deck and running in rivulets down the street. I can faintly smell the musty aroma of dirt and decaying leaves, an intoxicating perfume for Minnesotans in January.

To me, it’s the scent of promise and hope. It’s a postcard from heaven. There might be weeks of cold and snow darkness still head. But this I believe: Spring cometh.


  1. If you could have seen the look on my daughter's face when I told her you had the door open and it is a "balmy 45 degrees"!!

    Clearly, Minnesota winter has indeed frozen the brain cells. Please do not let your kids go swimming in the accumulating water!

    Groundhog Day isn't until tomorrow!

    P.S. It's 78 here. I have on jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt.

  2. Let's hope that Puxatawny Phil doesn't see his shadow so that spring will cometh EVEN more quickly!

    PS It was nice and sunny here today and yesterday it was 57! I could definitely get used to temps like that.

  3. Yep. We are working on our second chinook and I tell you, they are manna for the frozen soul.
    I ran errands in shirt-sleeves yesterday. It was a beautiful 41.
    I know that winter is not yet over, but I do have hope.

  4. Of course, I have to read this after I heard Phil's not so popular forecast today. Ughhh! I'm SO READY for Spring. Maybe Phil will be like our local meteorologist, WRONG!! :) We can HOPE, can't we??!
    We are currently thawing out after our "big" snow/sleet storm of about 5 inches. ;) It was 55 degrees yesterday and everyone was running around in short sleeves, and I even saw some people in SHORTS! We might not have had much wintry precip this season, but it's been bitterly cold. So, 55 is like 75, I guess! :)