How Old Would You Be If You Didn't Know How Old You Were?

Just for kicks, I took a virtual age test online today.

My real age is 37. According the the test, my virtual age is 17.


Most days, I don't feel much older than 17 -- 25 or 26, maybe.

Then there are days it's impossible for me to escape reality. I wrote about one such day over at 5 Minutes for Parenting today. See you over there.


  1. Your last paragraph at 5 Minutes for Moms killed me. Sob. Thanks a lot. I may have to take you out of my Reader. First it's my bone density test, then my blog "friend."

    And you didn't even give us the link to the age test so I can feel better if it tells me I'm really 23!

  2. Wow. Good for you!

    Since you are only 17, I can ground you for making me feel like an old hag. I have the feeling my age these days is 92.

  3. The test that gave me the virtual age of 17 is here. I'll admit up front: This is a second-tier test, because many of the well-known ones want my e-mail address to "send me my score and keep me informed" and no thank you. The one I took is commitment free.

    Now that I've put in the link, go take the test and let me know how you score.

  4. Apparently I am 13.
    I'm gonna live to 95. Which is actually likely, my G-ma made it to 100 and my grandpa celebrates 90 this year.
    Long live good genes.

  5. Where does one find a virtual age test? That sounds interesting!

  6. i was 25.9, but that's only because it shot up like 4 years because i commute over 20,000 miles a year! So really, i'm a spry 21 year old trapped in the body of a 35 year old mother of three!

  7. I'm 15 and I'm going to live to be 91. Not sure how I feel about that. :)

  8. I MUST take this test. I will go right away.

    We are the same age, so wish me the best.

    Found you through Sarah's blog. Nice to meet you.

  9. FYI: Just took the test. I'm 11.7. What?!

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. I'm virtually 15. I think of 15 as a great year in my life. I liked 15. And if it helps, When I think of're perpetually around 17-23. Love you!