Dear Punxsutawney Phil

Dear Phil:

It was so good to see you this morning. You certainly looked warm in your fuzzy fur coat. (Although, between friends, fur is so politically uncorrect these days. Next year, you might want to try a wool-cashmere blend. I see you in blue.)

I'm not sure you're aware, since I doubt your eyes had time to adjust to the light before you were shoved back into your burrow, but you allegedly saw your shadow this morning. According to Germanic tradition, that means we'll have six more weeks of winter.

If that's true, I just want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Here in Minnesota, winter usually camps out for at least eight more weeks, if not ten. Last year, we even got snow in May. (It felt a little like we were living in the movie "Groundhog Day." We kept waking up, expecting something new -- like warmth and flowers and green grass -- but nothing changed. It was just snow and gray and more cold temperatures.) (You were stellar in that movie, by the way. It's still one of my favorites.) (But I am sorry that wacky Phil Connors made you pull a "Thelma & Louise." That had to stink.)

Anyway. What I'm saying is, your prediction that winter is only going to last six more weeks is great news. I can't believe spring is coming early! I'm going to go dig out my flip-flops today, and circle March 16 on my calendar with a fat red marker.

Have fun hibernating. I'd join you, but if spring will be here in just six weeks, I'd better hit the gym. Swimsuit season, you know.

Much love from Minnesota,

Kelly @ Love Well


  1. Culture Shock for a Southerner: Visiting Eastern Washington in May and seeing ten-foot-high piles of snow STILL melting in the mall parking lots.

  2. I thought of you when I heard it on the news this morning!!

    My poor sister arrives from South America tonight. She's going to be freezing even if it's in the 50's! She already told me not to forget to bring her coat to the airport!

  3. I would kiss Phil myself if he could really guarantee six weeks more of winter. A KISS.

  4. Ahh, perspective.

    For me, the thought of 6 more weeks makes me want to crawl right in that hole from which Phil came.

    I'll not complain.

  5. Umm hmmm and amen.
    March 16th it is!
    Cannot wait.

  6. Here in upstate NY, we're also rejoicing at the thought of only six more weeks of winter. I still haven't figured out how you can get a shorter winter than that! Of course, my dad's (hypothetical) solution to the groundhog seeing his shadow? Shoot him as soon as his head pops out of the ground, before he has a chance to see anything.

    You tend to lose political correctness when you spend half the year covered in snow and darkness.

  7. Funny stuff!! And, here I was complaining about six more weeks of winter. I am really not a 'winter fan' and I'm ready for spring!!!

  8. Haha! Mr Phil obviously does not live in Minnesota. I sure hope he's right.

    I'm a geek right with ya, Kelly!

    I'm obsessed with the weather ALMOST as much as I'm obsessed with coffee.

  9. Hahah. Yeah, if winter was only going to be six weeks longer, I would THROW A PARTY.

  10. Well, I never thought of it that way. That is good news for you. Here I was all mad, 6 more weeks, thinking only of myself, but it is GOOD news for you. I too will need to be hitting the gym.

  11. AMEN! to all you others who share our winter pain!! 6 weeks is cause for celebration